How to Love Yourself When You Are Desperate

how to love yourself when you are desperate

I used to think that positive people were born that way. Those people were the blessed few who knew how not only to be positive towards others but themselves. They had the elusive self-confidence that seemed to evade the rest of the world. They were the chosen ones, while I was left lacking. I’ve never been a positive person, but I found myself almost clinging to positive people hoping they would rub off on me. It was even worse after I had children. I would say the most horrible things to myself, destroying any hope of ever loving myself….

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There is a Reason for It All

There is a reason for it all, including the loss of my Grandma.

I walked into the church and noticed that my mom and Grandma weren’t there. This was odd because Grandma was always at church. I asked my brother and he informed me that mom had taken her to the hospital. I walked out and called my mom. She informed me that Grandma wasn’t feeling good and they were running tests.There is a reason for it all, including the loss of my grandma.

After taking my children home, I rushed to the hospital to see her. I wasn’t allowed to keep Samuel with me, so…

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