14 Cheap Healthy Quick Breakfast Ideas that Are not Cereal

14 Cheap Healthy Quick Breakfast Ideas that Are Not Cereal

When I was a child breakfast consisted mostly of cereal. There wasn’t much time to prepare anything let alone eat anything before the bus arrived in the morning. I wasn’t a big fan of the soggy mess, so I either didn’t eat, or I ate it so fast that I didn’t taste it. Saturdays were a different story. Mom would make homemade pancakes, sausage biscuits, and gravy, eggs, and bacon. I remember asking her why she didn’t do this all the time. She told me that she just didn’t have time. I wanted my kids to have the same…

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2-Weeks of Frugal Meals That Are NOT Spaghetti

After my post about Pinterest 2-week meal planning, there were several questions, but the main one was how to make a frugal meal plan using Pinterest. I decided to accept the challenge and see what I could come up with to help not only my readers but our family as well. So I came up with 2- Weeks of Frugal Meals That Are NOT Spaghetti.

Where to Start

I always start with the ads. Planning your menu based upon sales is always the cheapest way to create a menu that has variety.

I refuse to…

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Pinterest 2-week Menu Planning

Pinterest 2- week Menu Planning

I love Pinterest. If you haven’t seen my boards, you really need to check them out HERE. I’m a crazy pinning woman. I LOVE Pinterest! Did I say that already? Pinterest has some amazing crafts, recipes, fashion ideas, blog information and just great reads. It truly has become a search engine, replacing Google for me in many ways. So it makes sense that Pinterest is my go to for my 2-week menu planning.Pinterest 2- week Menu Planning


My Inspiration

Two of my favorite bloggers have just finished stocking their freezer with some meals….

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