How to have a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner with Kids

Valentine’s Day, like so many other couple holidays, is surrounded with gifts, food and love. While I can’t help you with the love, I can certainly help you in the food department. Over the past 22 years, most of which was spent with little children and very little money, I’ve learned how to make Cheap Romantic Dinner. And to be honest, it always comes down to food, well at least for my husband.How to Have a Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner with Kids| Inspired By Lucile #valentinesday #valentinesdaydinner #cheapromanticdinner #romanticdinnerfor2 #cheapromanticdinnerfor2


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2-Weeks of Frugal Meals That Are NOT Spaghetti

After my post about Pinterest 2-week meal planning, there were several questions, but the main one was how to make a frugal meal plan using Pinterest. I decided to accept the challenge and see what I could come up with to help not only my readers but our family as well. So I came up with 2- Weeks of Frugal Meals That Are NOT Spaghetti.

Where to Start

I always start with the ads. Planning your menu based upon sales is always the cheapest way to create a menu that has variety.

I refuse to…

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