5 Steps to Defeat Self-Defeating Behavior

The 5 steps you need to defeat self-defeatism.

Sometimes it takes humiliation to bring needed change.One of the hardest things to admit is that you need help, but after what happened last Wednesday, I know I can’t do this alone as I keep destroying myself with self-defeating behaviors.

I’ve always struggled with food. When I’m tired, stressed, depressed or overwhelmed, I go to food for comfort. I know this is the time I should eat good foods because my body is being depleted thanks to what is going on, but foolishly I go for the things that are bad…

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Summer Reading list 2016

These are the books on my list for reading this summer. Come check them out and see if you can find some inspiration.

I’ve always loved reading. In fact, my parents had to force me to go outside as a child Summer Reading List 2016because I’d rather be lost in a book than wonder aimlessly around our back yard during the summer. As a mom of 6 children this was harder than ever before.

I used to be a one book at a time kinda gal, but my friend Lori introduced me to the idea of reading more than one book at a time. She had a point that I would get bored and put it…

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Humiliation Brings Change

Sometimes it takes humiliation to bring needed change.

Losing weight is HARD! No one wants to stop eating the foods they love, and for me that is sugar. It is addicting, painfully so. It is my go to when I’m tired, depressed and just every day food choice. It is a very bad and unhealthy choice, one that I KNOW I shouldn’t eat, but it is my emotional crutch.

I guess I've just laughed too much. Something has to change, because I'm not going to stop laughing. Life is too full of fun to do that.Humiliation at its best

Wednesday while…

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Update on, well, Everything

Time to work!

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted here.

My laptop’s hard drive died and that took a couple of weeks to figure out what was wrong, save my information, buy the parts and fix it. It was an interesting adventure, to say the least. So thankful my husband is tech savvy and we can do these things relatively cheaply. Saturdays Check-in

I’ve been wanting to share my 100 Days to a New Me update. While I’ve not really lost anymore weight, I have been losing inches. I’m down a…

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Saturday Check in

Saturdays Check-in

Time to check in and let you know how I did this week. When you dream big and set really big goals, you don’t always make it, but you can get further than you imagine just by trying. I set a LOT of really big goals for myself on Monday. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but I tried and made some really great strides. I did somethings consistently that I’ve never done before and I feel it. I’m taking this a week at a time. Seeing what works and what does. Making changes as I…

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100 Days to a New Me

100 Days to a New Me

Are you ever just DONE?!? I hit that point recently when a day of doing typical things wore me out. I’ve been told to give myself a break, since I’ve had 6 children, but that is just an excuse to keep destroying myself. I can’t keep doing this, if I want to live a long life!Just the 2 of Us

Things She didn’t teach me

Grandma wasn’t great about eating food that was good for her. There were ALWAYS sweets in the house. Grandma loved her sweets. I’m not just talking about mints,…

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