Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alone

Self care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alone

As a mom of 6, going shopping can be crazy. Normally, I take ALL of them with me, but it is a treat to only take a few of them. When my oldest 3 were little, it was a minivacation to go to the grocery store by myself. So my plan is Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alone.Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alone

You are still doing this!

YES! As a Stay At Home Mom, some consider me lazy, thinking I don’t work all day, but I can promise you that I do. I get…

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Instead of Comparison Choose Joy

Instead of Comparison Choose Joy

When talking to other friends, there is always someone they aren’t looking forward to seeing. This is the mom who is always looking amazing, and her kids are dressed perfectly. She always brings the best food and seems perfect. This isn’t just my friends. I know I’ve faced it before. If we face it, there must be others who are feeling it too. This inspired me to write Instead of Comparison Choose Joy.

Eleanor Roosevelt – Comparison is the thief of joy.Instead of Comparison Choose Joy

What is different about Holiday Comparison?

Most families are…

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Self Care Saturday Challenge Family Outing

Self Care Saturday Challenge Family Outing

Fall is going to quickly turn into Winter. It will be a time where all you want to do is stay snuggled in your warm house and rest. This is exactly what we were made to do. And while I enjoy that time of the year, I want to take advantage of the warmer weather before the cold hits. We did our family outing yesterday since my husband had the day off. The goal here is to plan a Self Care Saturday Challenge Family Outing.Self Care Saturday Challenge Family Outing

I thought this…

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Self Care Saturday Challenge Grow Your Mind

Self care Saturday Challenge Grow Your Mind

Last Saturday I had my first Self Care Saturday Challenge. I spent some time getting my hair cut for my birthday on the 22nd and the next Saturday I went to a coffee shop and drank some coffee while I worked on my blog. Each of those breaks was fabulous and really made the following week so much better. I went away, took some time for myself, and was refreshed for the following week. So this week is Self Care Saturday Challenge Grow Your Mind.Self Care Saturday Challenge Grow Your Mind

How do…

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Saturday Self Care Challenge

Saturday self care challenge, week 1

Last Saturday was my 41st birthday, and as I looked in the mirror, I begin to see age. My hair was gray and looks very frazzled. It was time for a haircut and getting it colored. This time last year, I had it cut and colored.  Once I was asked if I was enjoying the treat of getting my hair cut. As if this isn’t just part of regular self-care. I was angry, how dare this person to act like taking care of myself is a treat instead of the way things should be. So my gift to myself was the beginning Saturday…

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The Importance of Self-Care When Life Gets Busy

The Importence of Self-care When Life Gets Busy.

The more life piles on our plate, the harder it can be to tackle the day-to-day grind of errands, to-do lists, and quite frankly, our own emotional well-being.

The never ending spin of everything can leave anyone feeling exhausted, mentally drained, and even depressed. Yet it’s easy to feel that if we don’t stay on top of everything and keep the momentum going we’ll get behind, let others down, the house will become a disaster, or we’ll never have the energy to start again.The Importence of Self-care...
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There is a Reason for It All

There is a reason for it all, including the loss of my Grandma.

I walked into the church and noticed that my mom and Grandma weren’t there. This was odd because Grandma was always at church. I asked my brother and he informed me that mom had taken her to the hospital. I walked out and called my mom. She informed me that Grandma wasn’t feeling good and they were running tests.There is a reason for it all, including the loss of my grandma.

After taking my children home, I rushed to the hospital to see her. I wasn’t allowed to keep Samuel with me, so…

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My Grandma, Wanda Lucile Minton’s Eulogy

My Grandma, Wanda Lucile Minton's Eulogy

As the oldest of the 8 grandchildren, I knew Grandma and Grandpa when they were at their youngest, sharpest and able to be at their best. I want to tell you about the greatest women I’ve ever known.

From the time I was little until about 12 years old, I spent 6 days a week with Grandma. On Sundays, we would walk from the church building next door to have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma would come home and start breading the whole chicken that she had cut up the day before. I remember helping her dredge the chicken…

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Comparison is the Death of Joy

Comparison is the death of joy

As a mom with some experience, sometimes I get in my head that I know how all parents should do it. I have a wide spectrum of children. My kids have issues but they are great kids. I don’t really compare myself to others, except for older women who have raised their children and seem to have it all together, at least that’s what I thought.Comparison is the death of joy

Over Dramatic Mom

Recently I saw a young mother with her child, which I’m pretty sure it was her first, as she was saying…

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9 Self Care Tips for Busy Moms

9 simple self care tips for busy moms

It is so much work to take care of everyone and everything else, that it seems like taking care of myself would be just that, more work. By the end of the day I’m so emotionally drained that all I want to do is be alone, in the quiet, where no one knows my name, and sleep.9 self care tips for busy moms

I was challenged recently to find simple, cheap, fast and easy things to do as self-care for a crazy, busy Mama. I did a short poll of my mom friends on…

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