30 Minute Panic Plan for Last Minute Guest Invasion *Free Printable*

Panic Plan Last Minute Guests

Your phone rings. It’s your husband. He is telling you he is on his way home, oh- and company will be at the house in 30 minutes. After you waste the next 3 minutes losing it over the phone because you just got home yourself and was looking forward to a night of binge-watching on Netflix, the panic sets in. Well here is the 30 Minute Panic Plan for Last Minute Guest Invasion.Panic Plan Last Minute Guest

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How to Conquer Your Laundry When All You Want to do is Watch Netflix

How to conquer your laundry when all you want to do is watch Netflix #watchnetflix #netflix #pilelaundry #conquerlaundry

If we don’t do 3-4 loads of laundry a day we get behind. That is where we were right before the baby was born. I was tired and honestly didn’t want to keep up with it, nor did I want to nag my children to help either. Now that he is here, I want to get back on top of my life. So here I am telling you How to Conquer Your Laundry When All You Want to do is Watch Netflix.

How to Conquer Your Laundry when all you want to do is...</p srcset=

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How to Set Up Chore Charts

How-to set up chore charts

Maybe I’m the only one, but I just can’t get it all done alone. I can’t keep up with everything all day.

Now, before you think I’m lazy, I spend the majority of my day homeschooling 5 children while watching a wonder boy toddler whose favorite activity is to see how many times a day he can give me a heart attack. Sky-diving off of the furniture is his favorite past-time.

The only way things were going to get done was to hand out chores. So here is my way on How to Set Up Chore Charts.How-to...</p srcset=

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Best Part of Your Day: Morning Time

Best part of your day: Morning Time

So last week, I talked about the 1 Thing that can change your homeschooling, Morning Time. I promised you this week I would talk about how we do it for our family and give you ideas for how you can incorporate it into your day as well. Making the Best Part of Your Day: Morning Time.Best part of Your Day: Morning Time

What is Morning Time again?

This is the time you set aside to work on those subjects that never seem to get covered. It is also a time to teach your…

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1 Thing That Can Change Your Homeschooling

1 Thing that can change your homeschooling

What if I told you that if you did 1 Thing That Can Change Your Homeschooling day and even your outlook about “getting it all done.” I’m not talking about housework, but those elusive shool subjects that you want to cover but can’t seem to find time in your day. I have the solution and it isn’t as hard as you think.1 Thing that can change your homeschooling

Where we started

We’ve been homeschooling now for 14 years. Jackson was 4 and we had just pulled him out of preschool. He was BORED! When we started homeschooling it was…

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Why a Routine Will Save Your Sanity!

Why a Routine will Save Your Sanity!

For the first time in a long time, we took the summer off, like the public school system, and this will be the last time EVER! It has been a summer of chaos. My children have been at each other’s throats. I’ve had to fight them tooth and nail to get chores completed, or remind them several times. It is if they had their ears turned off for the summer.

We even went on vacation, and while it was fun, when we came back things weren’t better, in fact, they were worse. It has gotten to the point where I…

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Why you need music in your homeschool planning

Why you need music in your homeschool planning.

Music is vital to a child’s education. Every year of my elementary years we had music and it was my favorite class. I loved not only hearing those sounds but being able to make them myself. Music became an important part of my life. Even as I’m typing this I have my writing music playing in the background.Why you need music in your homeschool planning.

Why you need music in your homeschool planningWhy you need music in your homeschool planning.

I recently read an…

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5 Lifestyle Bloggers Worth Following

Monthly Top 5

Before I was a blogger I was a blog follower. I was a researcher, a seeker of knowledge, tricks, ideas, inspiration and tips. I knew that the key to making my life easier was in knowledge. I knew that there was no reason for me to reinvent the wheel, but to seek this wisdom from others who were willing to share it. The internet is a great place to find that, so that’s exactly what I did.Top 5 Lifestyle Blogs You Won't Regret Following

Each one of these blogs has in some…

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Pride in a Job Well Done

Do you want your kids to know exactly how you want to clean without having to constantly be told?

You have company coming this weekend and even though the house isn’t a complete mess, it still isn’t company ready. You told Child A to go clean the main bathroom and Child B to clean up the living room, while you head to the kitchen. An hour later you walk into the bathroom to check on Child A and find they have accomplished NOTHING, and Child B is sitting on the couch reading a book. This has happened to me more than once, and it drives me insane. My children have been old enough for a long time to…

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