5 Reasons Your Child Should Say NO

Are you setting your child up to be a statistic of child abuse? Here are 5 reasons your child should be free to say NO! #setboundaries #boundaries # boundarieswithhardpeople #strongfamilies #stoptheabuse #metoo

You know the parent that I’m talking about, the one that is SO controlling that their child is NEVER allowed to say NO. This parent is SO controlling that even the thought of their child saying NO to anything makes their blood boil. I know of parents like that, and honestly, I want to smack them. WHY? They have taught their child how not to set boundaries. While I’m not saying children should be allowed to say NO to everything here are 5 Reasons You Child Should Say NO.

Are you setting your child up...
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Why I hated the Proverbs 31 Woman

Why I hate the Proverbs 31 Woman #proverbs31woman #findingmyfaith #hateproverbs31woman #learningtolovehowgodmademe #creatingalegacy #havingalifeofpurpose #notperfectbutloved #iamenough

I hated the Proverbs 31 Woman.  In many ways, she has destroyed my self-esteem, and in some ways, I feel like she has destroyed my life.

I’ve attended church my entire life. You can count on women being talked about on only a few occasions. Mother’s Day, being subject to her husband and the perfect woman of Proverbs 31.

I’m not here to argue about what a woman’s place is in life, society, her marriage, or her…

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How to Love Yourself When You Are Desperate

how to love yourself when you are desperate

I used to think that positive people were born that way. Those people were the blessed few who knew how not only to be positive towards others but themselves. They had the elusive self-confidence that seemed to evade the rest of the world. They were the chosen ones, while I was left lacking. I’ve never been a positive person, but I found myself almost clinging to positive people hoping they would rub off on me. It was even worse after I had children. I would say the most horrible things to myself, destroying any hope of ever loving myself….

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Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers

Develop your hidden mom powers

You, yes, I’m talking to you. You have hidden powers; did you know that? When you became a mom, God put them in you, and I’m so thankful He did. Being a mom is a lot of work and not just physically either. I’ve been a mom for almost 20 years and I’m here to help you Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers, one blog post at a time.Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers

What is a Mom Power

You know that moment when you pick up your crying baby and he immediately stops?…

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How to have a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner with Kids

Valentine’s Day, like so many other couple holidays, is surrounded with gifts, food and love. While I can’t help you with the love, I can certainly help you in the food department. Over the past 22 years, most of which was spent with little children and very little money, I’ve learned how to make Cheap Romantic Dinner. And to be honest, it always comes down to food, well at least for my husband.How to Have a Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner with Kids| Inspired By Lucile #valentinesday #valentinesdaydinner #cheapromanticdinner #romanticdinnerfor2 #cheapromanticdinnerfor2


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Finding Blessings in Winter

In the modern world of GO, we forget why the winter was considered such a blessing. We get up early, in the dark, and run! I’m serious, that is all we women do is run until we collapse, in the dark, again. In all of this going, we forget one very important thing, Finding Blessings in Winter. Not only am I’m going to tell you how to find these sacred blessings, but at the end of this post you will find a Giveaway that you will want to get your cold, chapped hands on.

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22 Easy Crowd Pleasing New Year’s Eve Savory Appetizers

22 Easy Crowd Pleasing New Years Eve Savory Appetizers

While I love the other Holidays of the year, it is the food at New Years that is by far my favorite. I LOVE appetizers. The idea of eating snacks, playing games, laughing, enjoying my family all night is just the BEST. In my search for food for Saturday, here are 22 Easy Crowd Pleasing New Year’s Eve Savory Appetizers, I thought I would share with you.22 Easy Crowd Pleasing New Year's Eve Savory Appetizers

*This page contains affiliate links. Each time a purchase is made through these links I receive…

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9 Dirty Secrets of Post-Partum Recovery No One Talks About

9 Dirty Secrets of Post Partum Recovery No One Talks About

There are so many things that are still taboo I this day and age. You would think with this “open mind” “being real” world that there wouldn’t be, but there is. People will only be real with as comfortable as they are with sharing their lives. I an effort to be more open with you and to help you not feel alone I the struggle of being a Mama, I’ve decided that since I just had baby number 7, maybe it was time for me to share some of my 9 Dirty Secrets of Post-Partum Recovery No One Talks…

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14 Cheap Healthy Quick Breakfast Ideas that Are not Cereal

14 Cheap Healthy Quick Breakfast Ideas that Are Not Cereal

When I was a child breakfast consisted mostly of cereal. There wasn’t much time to prepare anything let alone eat anything before the bus arrived in the morning. I wasn’t a big fan of the soggy mess, so I either didn’t eat, or I ate it so fast that I didn’t taste it. Saturdays were a different story. Mom would make homemade pancakes, sausage biscuits, and gravy, eggs, and bacon. I remember asking her why she didn’t do this all the time. She told me that she just didn’t have time. I wanted my kids to have the same…

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Stay at Home Moms Thriving Not Just Surviving

Stay at Home Moms Thriving Not Just Surviving

When I began my blog a year ago I kind of knew where I wanted it to go, but nothing was solid. I wondered around writing about things that interested me, but nothing stuck. A few months ago, I worked through a workbook that helped me define my passion and purpose. My passion and purpose came down to ONE THING, helping stay at home moms. You, who are reading this right now, my passion, my purpose is to help YOU. This is why I created a Facebook group just with YOU in mind. It is called Stay At Home…

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