How to Prevent Meltdowns During Holiday Visits

I must admit, the hardest part about the holidays for me, the part I honestly dread the most is the visit to the family. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy family, but it is the inevitable meltdown that comes from a change in routine. There is so much food, fun, and laughter, why should my littles ever have a meltdown? Inevitably it happens, and the day goes from tense to nightmare. I’m putting a plan in place. Here is my How to Prevent Melt Downs During Holiday Visits.How to Prevent Meltdowns During Holiday Visits

What causes meltdowns?

This is always been a big question for me. I could never pinpoint what exactly the problem was until recently. My 2-year-old didn’t take a nap like normal. Instead, he was running around the house like a wild man.

He was jumping off of furniture and taking seriously the idea of trying to kill me with a heart attack. It was this incident that, I realized it was once again the lack of Quiet Time that changed everything.

My 3-year-old is the same way. If she doesn’t get a nap, she cries over everything, especially when someone tells her no. She can go from the calm, beautifully playing little girl to a drama queen.

When she has her meltdown it is long and loud. Her point is that if she doesn’t get her way she will make everyone else miserable. This is when I send her to her room and she is to lay on her bed.

How to Prevent Meltdowns During Holiday VisitsHow to Prevent Meltdowns During Holiday Visits

The easy answer is to stick to your Routine. The realistic answer is to alter your routines to fit what is going on. Just one more thing to think about right?

Yes, but this one thing could help change your holiday from a total nightmare to something you actually enjoy.

None of these things are hard, but they do take some preparation. They also take some communication with your spouse and family.

There may be some conflict, but as I said in Do Your Own Thing, it doesn’t matter. You have to do what is best for you and your family.

Play outside

If you are in a small house, this holiday could be very difficult. My parents live in a small house, and when you add 18 people to that space it is crowded, loud and stressful.

Now if the weather is nice, the kids could always go outside and play. I remember as a little girl being sent outside to play when we were visiting my grandparents for Thanksgiving.

It was so nice to have a place to go that isn’t underfoot and the constant talking adults.

My husband and I take turns doing this. When we go to my parents’ house, he takes them out. Then we are at his parents’ house, I take them out. This gives each of us time to spend with our respective families and allows the children time to chill.

Now that I have teenagers, they enjoy being the ones to get a break from everything. This also allows the children to use up some of their energy.