Do Your Own Thing

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The past few days on Facebook there has been a discussion about Halloween. How old is too old? Scary costume or not? What is modest? Is it too cold? Should I hand out candy or bible tracks? Is Halloween evil or ok? My advice to all of you Mamas out there, Do Your Own Thing!Do your own thing

What we do for Halloween

For the past several years we have attended the Happy Halls at the local high school. In order to enter, you must “pay” 3 canned goods or $2 per person.

The money and the canned goods go to the school’s Key Club, who then uses it for its pantry for the Backpack Program, which was started by Feeding America.

My littles walked around doing all kinds of fun festival games, and in the end, they receive a free book, a small bag of candy, and a small bag of freshly popped popcorn. They loved it.

Afterward, we went out for dinner, which is a big deal when my children eat as much as they do. We went to a local placed called, Mazerella’s. If you are local, you really need to check it out. Craig makes an amazing pizza.

Do your own thingThis is what Halloween consists of for our family. Samuel wore a costume I bought after Halloween a few years ago. Lucy’s was new, but she wanted to be a butterfly. Gilbert is new to the crew and wants to be Rubble, yes, we have a Paw Patrol obsession

This costumes will get a lot of use, as they love to play dress up and pretend.

What we don’t do for Halloween

We do not do scary costumes or costumes that we would consider immodest. We do not go door to door asking for candy. The closest we get to real trick or treating is the Happy Halls and a Trunk or Treat.

We do not do scary movies. I hate them, and the children aren’t impressed. In fact, my teens love to make fun of them, think Mystery Science Theater 3000.

While we’ve gone to a kids party before, it turned out to not be a good thing for our family, as we have to make sure my boys don’t eat anything with dyes in it and it was hard to prevent that.

Why we made our choices

As a child, Halloween was fun. I got to play dress up and ended up with a huge stash of candy.

As a parent, I look at it from a totally different perspective. Those costumes are EXPENSIVE. Then you have the purchase of candy to hand out, which is even more money.

And all that candy has to go somewhere because I will not let my kids eat it all. They don’t need any more reasons to be crazy people. I know I could eat it, but it won’t help me lose weight and my husband doesn’t need it either. We have to say no to something and I’d rather say no to candy than a cupcake.

We are on strict no dye for all of my boys, which is one of the many ways we choose to deal with Autism. This leaves out most candy for Halloween as it is all bright vivid colors unless it comes from Aldi.

Yes, you can have candy bars, but we try to limit all sugar intake.

As for what we did recently, it was the first time in several years. This was only because my little ones wanted to dress up. Normally, I will buy each of the kids their favorite candy, and we go out to dinner. This year she was a butterfly and my Samuel one was Sully for Monsters, Inc.

Do your own thingDo Your Own Thing

Why does my opinion matter? Honestly- it doesn’t. I really don’t care what you do, unless your idea of a costume for your children is to run naked in the streets.

They are your children and you have to do what you think is right for you and your family. Just like I have to do the same.

So whether you trick or treat, pass out candy in a costume, watch horror films, let your kids wear costumes, or you just order pizza

Apparently, Halloween is the biggest pizza ordering day of the year, so says my hubby who used to deliver pizza, Do Your Own Thing.

Social Media would be a much nicer place if people just did their own thing without other people thinking they need to express their opinion. Especially if that opinion is the opposite of the poster and will only cause strife.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday, Do Your Own Thing. You will never go wrong, and if you do,  and if it doesn’t turn out as you wanted, there’s always next year.