How to Have the Perfect Family Valentine’s Day Party

I love Valentine’s day and all the meaning behind it. It is a wonderful time to show and receive love. When I was first married, we’d buy nice gifts, go out to dinner, and the night was magical. Throw in 1 or 7 children and things change. Money doesn’t grow on trees. (If you find one, please let me know.) Taking this crew out to eat on Valentine’s day isn’t cheap, so that’s why I’m sharing How to Have the Perfect Family Valentine’s Day Party.How to have the Perfect Family Valentine's Day Party

What makes a perfect Valentine’s Day Party?

It is easy to answer. It’s entirely up to you! I asked a group of women what do they do for Valentine’s day and the answers varied.

Some didn’t do anything, considered it a waste of money. A made up holiday to cause people to spend money. I can see their point, and they have the right to Do It Their Way.

Some did nothing with the kids but had a special dinner with their hubby. It is something we did when our older ones were little. We’d put them to bed early and enjoy a nice dinner.

Some threw an all-out party for their family, with their children’s help. This idea intrigued me. I asked some questions and did some research of my own. You can see what I found HERE.

The thing I learned was that PERFECT was different for each family. So I did what I typically do, take ideas from everything and made my OWN perfect Valentine’s Day Family Party.

If you decide to do this, promise yourself that you will only do what you can, and that will be PERFECT!

I don’t have time to plan or even do Valentine’s Day party!

Remember what I asked you to promise yourself? Only do what you can do, and that will be perfect.

If you only have time to pick up Chinese while you are out, then that will be amazing.

How about grabbing a frozen lasagna and garlic bread from the grocery store?

You could grab a card while you are at the store.

But if you have time, there are so many other fun things you could add to make it even more fun. Pinterest is a stockpile of ideas for just about any occasion, and Valentine’s Day isn’t excluded.

Remember How to Have the Perfect Family Valentine’s Day Party can be anything you want it to be. It is the memories that matter, and they are going to be fun.How to have the Perfect Family Valentine's Day Party

I have little kids; there’s no way I could do this.

Get them involved. One woman said her kitchen becomes a messy sugar cookie factory. When trying to imagine that, I had a smile. It sounds like a fun disaster that my kids would LOVE.

The thing is for a mom of littles; it sounds like a LOT of work. Why not make it simpler by buying a roll of sugar cookies, a couple of tubs of icing, and some sprinkles. It would still be fun, but not as much cleanup.

There are many ways you can make this not as crazy, but still fun for you and the kids. It will make memories for them that they will never forget.

You could always do a simple craft with your little ones. This could be their gift to everyone they love. I know my kids like doing crafts. While I’m sure they’d love to glitter it up, you could be the one to spread the glitter. I also put a piece of paper under whatever we are doing so we can dump the excess glitter onto it and dump it back into the tube.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple is fun and still makes memories.

My kids are too little to do anything with them.

Unless your little one is under 1, they can still do a lot. They can sprinkle glitter onto a piece of art where you’ve placed the glue. How about pouring sprinkles onto cookies? I know they will eat a lot of them, but that is part of the fun.

For the under 1, there are lots of crafts you can do with them. Once again, Pinterest is a mom’s dream or nightmare, depending on how you look at it, of ideas. My sister did many things with her daughter that was either finger painting or painting with her feet. It doesn’t take much time and makes for an adorable gift for daddy or grandma.

It can either be an exciting or stressful situation for you and your child, but it all depends on how you deal with it. If you are excited and enjoy the experience, they will too. You can stress about the clean up later after they’ve had their fun, and made some great memories with you.How to have the Perfect Family Valentine's Day Party

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on this.

I understand this COMPLETELY! Money isn’t something that we have a lot to spend on holidays, BUT this doesn’t have to expensive. We don’t EVER spend much on Valentine’s day. It may seem like a lot, but it isn’t because there are a lot of people to buy for and feed.

It is why most of the things we will use for our Valentine’s Day party will be purchased from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree is an excellent source for any occasion. Their party supplies are dirt cheap and just as good as anywhere else. Whenever I’m hosting a party or any gathering, it is always my first stop. Why should I pay $3-$5 for a plastic table cloth that I’m just going to toss at the end of the day when I can get one for a $1.

Candy- who needs to spend $3-$4 for a bag of candy, when I can get it at Dollar Tree. Ok, so not all candy hearts are the same, but they have chocolate. It may not be the chocolate YOU want, but your children will definitely be content with it.

Balloons- the only reason I’m mentioning this is that my youngest two are obsessed with balloons. You can grab mylar balloons for $1 instead of paying 2-3 times as much at another place

Craft supplies- depending on your Dollar Tree, you can find all kinds of things. I picked up glitter, glue, heart-shaped doilies, and flowers. These will be used to make crafts.

Food- while you may not be able to pick up dinner at Dollar Tree, you can find ingredients to make dinner, dessert, and even fun snacks.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to make memories.

A party isn’t a party without crafts and games. Any ideas?

These are my kids favorite part of the party. They love to make fun crafts to use as decorations and to give as gifts to each other.

Here are five craft ideas, but I’ve also included a five craft roundup that you can check out for other purposes.

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As for the games, who doesn’t love a good party game. Since the show Minute It to Win It came out, the concept of party games have been changed forever. Now anyone has a chance to win at party games; even the ones so can’t answer the zaniest trivia question.

Here are four great places to find LOTS of ideas for your party.

50+ Valentine’s Day Party Ideas by Crazy Little Projects

14 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Party Games by Play Party Plan

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How to Have the Perfect Family Valentine’s Day Party

I’ve given you LOTS of ideas, and I know How to have the Perfect Family Valentine's Day Partyyou can find even more if you want on Pinterest. These were the best ones that caught my attention. These were the ones I thought you might find interesting as well.

As I said earlier, the perfect Valentine’s Day party varies per family.

These are my plans for my family this year. My husband will also pick up a gift for the girls, and I will buy something for the boys. We will have a small gift for each other that we will share once the kids go to bed. We will spend some time cuddling and talking about our day.

One last thing I wanted to share- during dinner. We will share with each person one thing we love about that person. After we do that, we will also share one reason we love God and one way God has shown love to us in the past year.

When it comes down to it How to Have the Perfect Family Valentine’s Day Party, it is all about making memories. Memories not only for you but for your children. These are the things they are going to remember at your funeral and long after you are gone. They will share them with their children, their grandchildren, and if they are blessed with their great-grandchildren.

THAT is the important thing to remember when making the food when making the cookies with your kids when cleaning up the crafts.

Not only will you bless your family, but you will bless a legacy.