30 Minute Panic Plan for Last Minute Guest Invasion *Free Printable*

Your phone rings. It’s your husband. He is telling you he is on his way home, oh- and company will be at the house in 30 minutes. After you waste the next 3 minutes losing it over the phone because you just got home yourself and was looking forward to a night of binge-watching on Netflix, the panic sets in. Well here is the 30 Minute Panic Plan for Last Minute Guest Invasion.Panic Plan Last Minute Guest

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You know what I’m talking about, the cold sweat, unimaginable fear, and you freeze not knowing what to do first.

Now that you’ve calmed down, it is time to take inventory of what needs to be done. The house doesn’t look too bad, but you know it could be better.

Don’t panic! I’m here to help. I’ve got just what you need to make sure the important things are done before company arrives, so you won’t be embarrassed or feel the need to kill your husband. Ok, I can’t fix that.

The Bathroom Panic Plan

We all dread going into the room especially if we have boys who just don’t aim well, but when company comes over, someone always must use the bathroom. So we must face our demons and go in there.

Now if your bathroom is like mine, it isn’t filthy, just needs a Quick Pick Up, QPU. These are the must do things and it will only take about 7 minutes.

Here is your 7 minute QPU list for the bathroom:

  1. Swish and Swipe the toilet
  2. Wipe down the counter
  3. Close the shower curtain
  4. Pick up all the dirty clothes
  5. Wipe off the mirror
  6. Light a candle (These are my favorite candles.)

Get these done and your bathroom will pass any inspection.

The Living Room Panic Plan

Since this the place where the most company goes to be entertained, you better make sure it is cleaned up.

If your living room is like mine then there is clean laundry on the couch waiting to be folded, toys are strewn across the floor, and food that your child just crumbled onto the floor then proceeded to step on because it felt good between his toes.

We are going to tackle this room like the bathroom in about 7 minutes.

Here is your QPU list for the living room:

  1. Grab a basket and pick up all toys
    (I love these from Amazon because they aren’t too heavy, but they hold a lot and are cheap.)
  2. Move laundry to your bedroom (to be moved back when you are ready for bed)
  3. Sprinkle Carpet deodorizer on the carpet and run the vacuum over the carpet quickly to pick up the big things and the dog smell.
    (Here is my favorite from Amazon. I buy it in bulk as well because of 7 kids and a shedding lab. It can get bad.)
  4. Toss some pillows on to the couch to make it comfortable
  5. Turn out the lights and turn on any lamps to sea relaxing mood

The Kitchen Panic Plan

While this room may take longer it depends on your circumstances, it is important to make it look as nice as possible. Also, depending on who is coming over it is the room where you can get some help.

When we’ve invited people over to our house the women always ask how they can help. I’ve had people fill my dishwasher before and put food away. It is a great way to get things done and make your company feel welcomed.

I know it seems the opposite, but everyone is hoping that the person they visit isn’t perfect either.

Here is your 7-minute QPU for your Kitchen:

  1. Empty, refill and run the dishwasher.
  2. Clorox Wipe down the counters
  3. Wipe down the stove
  4. Wipe the front of the refrigerator to remove the grubby jelly handprints
    (We won’t talk about who did that, just lick your fingers off and move on.)
  5. Sweep the floor
  6. Swiffer the floor using a Clorox wipe (I order these in bulk from Amazon and keep them on hand, because with 7 kids there is always a mess to clean up.)Panic Plan Last Minute Guest

Don’t forget yourself and the kids

It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to make yourself presentable. I’m sure by now you are hot sweaty and don’t feel at your best, or maybe that is just me. Time to stop and pull yourself together

Here is your 7 minute QPU for yourself and your kids:

  1. Cool yourself off with a wet washcloth
  2. Touch up your make up (Check out Makeup.com for ideas.)
  3. Change your clothes if you need it.
  4. Make sure your kids have clothes on (You know that toddler that peed and didn’t put her pants back on. Yes! That’s the one I’m talking about.)
  5. Fix yourself something to drink and breathe

2-minutes left and we can use it well

Here is my secret to making everything perfect and I learned it on a movie of all things.

If it is during the holidays, I always keep a roll of store bought chocolate chip cookies in my refrigerator. So, for this last 2 minutes you are going to cut the cookies and get them baking in the oven.

The only other thing that would make your home smell even better is fresh baked bread, but who has time for that with a 30-minute warning.

30 Minute Panic Plan for Last Minute Guests Invasion

You have just rushed through your house like a wild woman trying to make it company ready. I’m sure you are exhausted and not really wanting to deal with people, but here they walk through your door.

Take a deep breath, smile, and welcome them toPanic Plan Last Minute Guest your lovely home, which it really is. This is where LIFE happens. This is where you live, you love, and grow.

Everyone has the same things happen in their home if they have children. Most people I know put in a last-minute effort to make their home company ready.

Get Last Minute Help

First off, I will say my husband has never done this to me before. He is a real introvert and having company over is hard for him, so I don’t have to worry about that.

The holidays are another story. People will drop in with a call of a 30-minute timeline and that’s when things get busy. The best thing I’ve learned is to have help.

My children are my biggest mess makers and my biggest assets when it comes to getting the house picked up.

I could very easily assign each one of these tasks for my older 4 and they would get the job done for me. During that time, I could make a snack and have drinks ready for when they come.

This is using what you have to get the job done. Besides, all children want to help when they are little. Let them learn, give them praise, help them learn these life lessons. All children love to know they did a good job.

Keep the 30 Minute Panic Plan for Last Minute Guests Invasion on hand for the next time people are dropping in on you.

Bright Idea for Panic Plan for Last Minute Guests

Print off this list and the other one for how to clean the bathroom from THIS post. Put them in page protectors and hang them in the house.

Your children can use dry erase markers to mark off what has been completed and you will be able to use it repeatedly. Just this one small step now could save you later. I know it has me.

So don’t forget to grab your freebie HERE before you go.