You too can be a Proverbs 31 Woman

Does the Proverbs 31 Woman still seem elusive to you? Do you dream of having your own business from home instead of working a 9 to 5? I’m here to tell you that You too can be a Proverbs 31 Woman and SUCCEED! All you need is the right person to guide you and your cheerleaders.

You too can be a Proverbs 31 Woman #wahm #whamliving #bloggingsuccessfully #theblogconnection #inspiredbylucile

Beating your head against the laundry basket

It is the end of your day. Your kids are supposed to be in bed, but you know they will get up at least once to pee or ask for a drink. As you sit in a daze trying to figure out what you are going to binge on Netflix while you fold laundry, you wonder where your day went. What did you do with your time?

Another day has gone by, and you did NOTHING but keep the kids alive and feed them. Yes, it was hotdog and Mac N Cheese again, but at least they aren’t starving, right? UGH! Just one more thing I can’t seem to get done like that revolting perfect Proverbs 31 Woman.

“That woman” that the preacher at church loves to hold up as the perfect woman and you have no hope of being like her. You shout to the quiet house, “I can barely keep my kids fed let alone get laundry folded and put away.” That’s when you look down, and you realize you were folding the dirty laundry instead of the clean laundry that you just threw in the washer to be washed again.

That’s it; you are done! “I’m a complete failure as a woman. There’s no hope! Where did I hide that chocolate?” you ask yourself.

Is this all there is to life?

The next day is payday. It is time to see how little money you have left after giving it all away. Sure, you have electricity, you need AC during the summer. you also have water; can you imagine the smell after not being able to flush the toilets all day? NASTY!!!

With what little you have left, you are expected to feed your family, fill your gas tank, and fit in the McD’s runs when you have no idea what to fix.

Is this it? Where’s that abundant life God promised? If this is abundance, I don’t want to know what life without these things would be. Don’t get started on me, I know these are first world problems, I’m in the middle of a pity party here.

Time to take a Pinterest break. Do I need to add more pins of things I’m never going to make, right? Isn’t that how every mom spends her “free time?”

What are you talking about Willis?

As you scroll through Pinterest, you find that you aren’t the only one who isn’t perfect and doesn’t like that Proverbs 31 Woman. In fact, she’s telling you that she used to HATE that woman too. “You mean I’m not alone?” you wonder out loud.

As you read through “Why I Used to Hate the Provers 31 Woman“, you realize she is telling you something that all the good Christian women would never say.

“Did she say I could become a Proverbs 31 Woman too? You mean there are women just like me who want to be the illusive Proverbs 31 Woman, but don’t know where to start?”

Becoming passionate about your life

I know, right now you feel like you are barely surviving and wonder if you will EVER get to thriving, but that’s where I am here to help.

Everyone, yes, even you, have things you are passionate about. Maybe you LOVE to create new patterns and have no idea that you can make money from that creativity.

Do you love to modify recipes because you have diet restrictions? There are people who not only NEED that information but are looking for YOU!

Do you have a knack for walking into a disaster and know EXACTLY how to organize everything? (First off, please come to my house and fix me!) Then share that with the world. I know I’m not the only one that looks at a mess and wants to sit on the floor and cry.

YOU, yes, YOU have special skills that God put in you. THIS is where you are going to become your version of the coveted Proverbs 31 Woman.

You too can be a Proverbs 31 WomanYou too can be a Proverbs 31 Woman #wahm #wahmliving #proverbs31 #proverbs31woman #theblogconnection #bloggingsuccessfully @inspiredbylucile

Let me introduce you to my beautiful friend, Katie Hornor. She is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to help women just like you and I turn our message into a movement.

But wait, did you say you don’t have a message? I KNOW that’s not true. We all have things we are passionate about besides our kids. How do I know this? Because God made each of us with a purpose? It is our responsibility, no privilege, to share that purpose with the world.

I was right where you are about two years ago. Struggling to find purpose in my life after my Grandma died. I started a blog, but it was floundering. The traffic was small, and I had no idea how to become one of those women who made money from home.

Katie not only helped me find my purpose, but she helped me refine it. After working with Katie, my traffic skyrocketed, and we began the process of developing my products to sell online.

Katie not only coached me in my business but helped me see God for who he is and how he sees me, which were the things that finally helped me break free from the weights that I’d placed on myself.

She can help you too

“That’s nice,” you say, “but can she help me, I have no idea where to start?”

YES! She can!

Katie does this several ways, but my two favorite ways are personal coaching and through The Blog Connection.

Personal coaching is exactly how it sounds, weekly one on one time with Katie. She helps you clarify your mission to create a true movement. Do you want to make money? Katie will help you brainstorm about products that are perfect for your people. Are you stuck with tech issue? She helped me detail what is on my blog, so it runs smoothly.

Finding your community

I cherish my one on one time with Katie, but The Blog Connection is where you not only get help from Katie, but you find your place. The Blog Connection is a HUB of women just like YOU! They have a mission and passion. They completely get the ups and downs of being in business for yourself.

Are you stuck and need help brainstorming what to do next? Did you create a fabulous freebie, but want an honest opinion of what you are offering? Do you not know what to offer your people?

All these questions and more can be answered in The Blog Connection, and not just by Katie, but by the other smart women there who are truly in your corner and will soon be your friends and cheerleaders.

The key to my success at becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman has been finding a wonderful guide in Katie and the support of The Blog Connection’s wonderful community.

I’ve got a deal for you!!!

If you want to take that step into becoming the Proverbs 31 Woman, but aren’t sure where to start, I’m about to give you some amazing news.

Katie is opening the doors for The Blog Connection with a fabulous deal to boot. Normally, you would pay $37 a month, but if you pay for the entire year in advance (by August 31, 2018) you will get TWO months FREE!

That’s right; you will get TWO of those TWELVE months for FREE. So instead of paying $444 for your year, you will pay $370. And I promise you it is worth EVERY dollar.

If you can’t pull the money together for the amazing yearly price, don’t worry about it. The regular price is still just $37 a month.

But don’t take my word that Katie is AMAZING! You need to meet her for yourself. She is my first guest in my quest to meet successful Proverbs 31 Women.