Self Care Saturday I Care Crate

You Mamas know I’m all about self care especially for you. Especially Mamas who deal with a special needs child daily. As Mamas we are constantly giving to our families, our jobs, and whoever else needs us. Eventually, we will empty our cups, and it probably happens more often than you realize. This is why I want to continue my series with Self Care Saturday I Care Crate.Self Care Saturday I Care Crate

Mom guilt SUCKS

When was the last time you went into the store with the mind to purchase something for yourself?

When have you ever walked out of the store with JUST something for you and not bought a few things for your kids?

WHY? Why do we do this? Where does this over riding guilt that we can’t do something JUST for ourselves come from?

Mom guilt sucks! And I mean SUCKS the LIFE and JOY from your soul.

Self Care Saturday I Care CrateSacrificing yourself doesn’t make you selfless

Don’t be a fool like me thinking this sacrifice makes me a better mom- It doesn’t. It is a lie from Satan. I tell Mamas all the time that even Jesus needed time away, and he is GOD. You most certainly are NOT God so you must need time for yourself.

Not only does it suck the life out of you, but puts you in a vicious cycle.

Do something for yourself, feel better- oh no now I need to do something for my family because I don’t deserve this.

Do something for my family, feel worn out- oh no now I’m back to where I started.

This why the Self Care Saturday I Care Crate would be helpful.

We all love getting mail

I know I can’t be the only one who loves getting a box from Amazon. It doesn’t matter what’s in it, opening that box is SO much fun.

My kids fight over who is going to get to open the boxes, well except around their birthdays and Christmas time, then the boxes are MINE!!!

How would you like a box that you know is JUST for you? Every thing is hand picked by the I Care Crate owner just with you in mind. She is a Self-Care Coach that not only sends you amazing things to enjoy, but activities to help you in your journey to being our best self.

In the summer box, there was a beautiful brochure that talks about self-talk. As I sat down to read it with the hot tea I made from the coconut tea she sent me, I felt like Stephanie was talking to me. There’s nothing like a friend reminding you to love yourself because she loves you.

I know that mom guilt is setting in right now, but you know you need to practice Self Care Saturday and the I Care Crate would help.

What’s in it for meSelf Care Saturday I Care Crate

In the summer crate that Stephanie sent me I received:

  • 4oz candle with a Garden Sands scent (It was so relaxing as I soaked in my bathtub)
  • bath bomb that smells like coconut (I was using this while burning my candle. I felt like I was on a tropical island.)
  • vial of coconut tea (I tried it hot and cold. While it was good hot, there’s just something about a cold drink and the smell of coconut that makes you think of the beach.)
  • small blank journal
  • postcard with summer loving journal inspirations (This was perfect to use for ideas to write in the journal.)
  • brochure (This is where Stephanie puts her heart into teaching about self-care and my favorite part.)

It sounds great, but how much is it

This is what it comes down to for most of us, isn’t it?

You can get your hands on the I Care Crate for $39.90

You start asking yourself, how much is it, but what you mean, is Am I worth it.

That’s the hard question and only something you can answer for yourself.

As I’ve said before, self care is vital to all women, but especially moms. Don’t underestimate the value of taking care of yourself.