Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers

You, yes, I’m talking to you. You have hidden powers; did you know that? When you became a mom, God put them in you, and I’m so thankful He did. Being a mom is a lot of work and not just physically either. I’ve been a mom for almost 20 years and I’m here to help you Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers, one blog post at a time.Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers

What is a Mom Power

You know that moment when you pick up your crying baby and he immediately stops? Yes, that’s a mom power and isn’t it awesome?!?! I love how that I can soothe my baby, unless it is 2 am and all I really want to do is sleep and he won’t let anyone else hold him. Then it isn’t so cool.

How about the ability to know when your baby is sick? Even if the doctor says that everything is fine, you in your Mama’s heart knows better. YOU know something is wrong, because no one knows your baby better than you. So you keep pushing for more testing even though it breaks your heart, until you find the answers.

While this might drive you nuts, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief because you finally got the answers you knew were hiding from you.

So why are they hidden

These powers aren’t really hidden, but they are built into you DNA. It is like when you felt heard your baby’s heartbeat, you felt an overwhelming sense of love and protection. It was there all along, but it was triggered by a change in your life, being pregnant.

These Mom Powers come out only when you need them. Like your toddler is quiet and everyone takes it for granted, but you KNOW he is up to no good. So, you go check and find him running through the yard butt naked. Yes, you know what I’m talking about, all while your husband who was supposed to be watching him fell asleep.

If these Mom Powers didn’t stay hidden we’d be on high alert all the time, and it would tear our body down and we’d be sick all the time.

Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers #mompower #thrivingmoms #thrivingnotjustsurviving #momworkout #dailyreading #readaloudSo how do I Develop my Hidden Mom Powers

That’s why you’re here right? You want to learn to Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers, and I’m here to help. Some of these ideas may seem really simple, and that is the point. Your Mom Powers aren’t always over the top, sometimes they come to you easily and gently, like kissing an owie.

Honestly, you are probably already doing many of these and didn’t even realize it. I know that’s what was happening to me, when an older mom pointed them out to me. She called them my Mom Super Powers and it was with her that I learned how to develop them as well as I have today.

So, I’m going to start sharing those secrets with you. Are you ready to Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers? I will start with my favorite one today.


Reading aloud to your kids daily

As a young girl I LOVED being read to and I was blessed to have family willing to indulge me. There is nothing like curling up in Grandma or Mom’s lap and being wrapped in their arms while they read a book to you. For those few minutes, I was the center of their attention. I felt completely and wholly loved by the person blessing me with their time.

It is one of the most amazing things a child can feel, which makes it one of your Hidden Mom Powers.

“But I get tired of reading the same books over and over again.”

I hear your Mama. I did too, until my mom friend told me how to Develop Your Hidden Mom Power to the next level- Daily Readers.

The power of the Daily Reader

I LOVE daily readers. Why? Because they give me the best snippets of great books without having to read the entire book. Think grade school readers but kicked up a notch. Some of my favorites like this are daily devotionals. That is until I heard about A Year with Aslan from Katie Hornor of Paradise Praises.

Now, we’ve read The Chronicles of Narnia as a family 2 times. We’ve listened to the radio rendition 2 times. All my older children have read the series at least 1 time each themselves. So to say we love Narnia would be an understatement. When I told them we would be reading this book, they expressed their dismay. Why read it again?

We settled in for our nightly family reading and I read that days’ excerpt and closed the book. They all sat up and looked at me expecting more, but there wasn’t anymore that day. Then everything changed. They began debating which book it came from. They started talking about the scene and what was going on around it.

Before I could even ask them the 1 or 2 questions at the end of the page, they were asking their own. You see, I have developed the muscle of this Hidden Mom Power over years. And so I could sit back and see the magic work around me. My older children carried on an amazing conversation, barely giving my husband and I a chance to talk.

Are you ready to Develop Your Hidden Mom Powers?

It is time to flex those mom power muscles. For some, this may take digging deep, because you are already tired and worn out. I get that I’ve been where you are and many days I’m still there. (Teething baby, and toddlers that wake up at 3 am who don’t want to go back to sleep. Yeah, I’m so there with you.)

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