Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third Trimester

This is baby number 7 for me. I’m not a doctor, but I would consider myself experienced at having babies. You could say this isn’t my first rodeo. I know every pregnancy is different, but many things will be the same. There are things that almost every woman faces in her 3rd trimester. I’m sharing my Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third Trimester.Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third Trimester

Why is the 3rd Trimester Different?

The biggest thing affecting you during the first trimester the biggest hurdle is exhaustion. Your baby is growing- FAST! Hormones are all over the place! You know what I’m talking about. You feel that no matter what you do, you will never NOT be tired again.

Second trimester- you eat! Your energy comes back. You are on top of the world. You start to show and honestly, you GLOW!

Third trimester- everything changes. You are once again tired. You are hungry, but can’t eat as much because your baby is taking up more room. It seems like your stomach shrinks. You are tired, not because you aren’t sleeping, but because you are getting up several times a night to, you guessed it, pee. And don’t forget the pregnant brain. Your baby will start growing quickly.

Honestly, our 3rd Trimester consists of eating, drinking water, sleeping, doctor visits, and peeing. So, let’s break those down.

Eating: What to eat? How often?

You will find yourself eating more frequent smaller meals. The key here is that they NEED to be protein rich. When planning my groceries, I plan for special foods for myself. One of my favorites is homemade granola bars. It fulfills my protein and sweet needs.

Millennial Mommy has a great banana muffin recipe, that I plan to try. Also, Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third Trimestercheck out what she says about dates- that it can reduce the length of labor!!! I’m all about that!

Mumberry has a list of foods that are great for each trimester. Some of these I’m already doing, but am looking forward to adding the others.

Fit Momma Clean Baby not only has a food list, but a workout worksheet, that is perfect for the 3rd trimester.

These are great resources. The key here is to eat small, eat often, and try to avoid foods that can cause acid reflux. That seems to be a big problem, especially considering how little room your stomach has at this point.

Drinking Water: How much? How often? I don’t like warm water!

Now is a great time, if you haven’t before, to get in the habit of having water with you always. If you are planning on breastfeeding, you supply is directly related to how much water you drink. Ask any lactation consultant, and they will tell you.

Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third TrimesterAshley Benz, MA, LCCE, CD(DONA), IBCLC– “As long as you are drinking to thirst it won’t affect your milk supply. Moms often think they need to guzzle water, when really 6-8 glasses of water a day is perfect.”

I have a tumbler that I bought from Sam’s club that I talked about HERE. I only need to fill it with ice twice a day, and just keep filling it with water. Even when my ice is melted, the cup is cold to the touch and my water tastes amazing.

I drink between ½ to 1 gallon of water a day. For me this also include tea, as we have that with lunch and I have a cup of tea at night before bed.

How do I do this? I have my tumbler with me EVERYWHERE! Right now, it is sitting above my head on the back of the couch as I’m typing this. I have a funky straw in it and take a long drink between every sub-heading. Also, I take a drink whenever one of my kids asks me a question. I use these as ques to remind me to drink. I know it’s silly, but just what this pregnant brain needs.

Sleeping: How often? What makes it easier?

When I was younger and thought I should be super mom, I didn’t take a nap. I’m not that mom anymore. I realize that sleep is vital to my life.

Oh, blissful wonderful sleep, how we all long for you!Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third Trimester

With my last 3 pregnancies, I set a boundary and went to bed as soon as I was tired. This could mean as early as 7pm. I curl up in bed and leave my husband to put the other kids to bed. Getting sleep is important not only to me, but to the health of the baby.



These are part of my sleep routine.

Comfy pjs– having pjs that fit my belly and don’t roll down have been a blessing.

Brushing and rinse my teeth– I know this may seem weird, but babies can suck the calcium out of your teeth if you aren’t careful. Also, pregnancy is a great time for gingivitis/ bleeding gums.

Pillows– having a pillow between your legs while you sleep not only helps with alignment of the spine, but also supports you to find a comfortable position. I also have a pillow that I hug since I can’t roll over and tuck my arms under me. (Someone is in the way of me sleeping on my belly.)

Soft music– Youtube has some wonderful 8-hour sleep music videos. I turn my phone over so I can’t see the light and just let the music play while I sleep. It helps relax me and lets my mind drift.

Aromatherapy– Sometimes I will have a diffuser with my favorite sleep scents. I also have pillow sprays and even wear some essential oils on myself. I love the usual things like lavender, but there are many others that are relaxing.

Warm bath– I don’t take one ever night, but when I do, I feel refreshed and relaxed. When taking a bath toss in some bath salts and essential oils, and you have the makings of peace.

Doctor Visits: You again?

Once you hit your 3rd trimester your visits start to get more often. They will start at every 2 weeks and then go to every week during your last month. They like to keep a close eye on you and make sure you are doing well.

Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third TrimesterThese visits are the same as the others, except for the Strep B test, BLAH! This isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but it is important for your baby so I do it.

During these visits and usually about the time of the Strep B visit is a great time to talk about your Birth Plan. If your doctor hasn’t talked to you about this then you need to bring it up.

Your birth plan is your way of communicating with the doctor and the hospital what your wishes are for your time there. Somethings are just routine and you don’t have much choice, but other things you have a lot of say in. I’ve found a few that you might want to check out to help you get started.

Mama Natural– gives you a visual birth plan, she also explains why you may have to fight for your birth plan.

A Beautiful Exchange– not only gives you a birth plan, but tells you why you need one.

Bundoo– it has a great birth plan that you can just print out and go with.

Sample Templates– you will find 21 sample birth plans you can use.

The point here is to take some time to come up with a plan and talk to your doctor about it. They will help you set realistic expectations. Remember they are on your team.

Peeing: Should I move my bed in there? Oh constipation- why didn’t you tell me?

With our first baby, my husband started calling me his tinkulator. I know it isn’t a word, but it was what he made up for the fact that I was constantly going to the bathroom. FRUSTRATING!!!!!

I know it seems like you are going a lot, and you are. That beautiful baby is growing, and seems to be hugging that warm bladder of yours. They may be blocking your bladder from allowing you to go Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third Trimestercompletely.

Also, don’t discount all that water I told you to drink earlier. It must go somewhere, and out is the best place. You will PEE A LOT!

Now onto the lovely topic of constipation. UGH!

You would think with all the water that I’m drinking that this wouldn’t be a problem, but just like how your stomach is shrinking, so are other areas. Baby is growing, which is a blessing, but HARD! (No pun intended.)

Normally this is a HUGE problem for me. I used to have problems like this normally, but about 4 months ago, everything changed for me. I was introduced to Plexus.

BioCleanse vs Constipation, who will win?

BioCleanse is an amazing supplement. Every day that I take my all natural supplement I go to the bathroom. Honestly, I haven’t had constipation in months. You read in the books about hormones and baby taking up space and you’re guaranteed to be constipated. With my other 6 pregnancies, this was true, but with this one- NOPE!

Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third TrimesterHow does BioCleanse do this? It acts as the garbage truck that loads up and takes out all the toxins and “trash” in your gut. The combination of the ingredients, especially the magnesium, and you will feel the difference.

One of the features is: Relieves occasional constipation (that is not associated with chronic constipation, which may be a symptom of a serious disease) *

(*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease)

We can all agree that the constipation of pregnancy doesn’t last forever, even if the last 10 weeks feel like they last 10 months.

For me and many others that I know- BioCleanse wins every time. It has been a blessing during this time, when I could be at my most miserable.

One of the side effects of having your body cleaned out, means that all the heaviness you feel from EVERYTHING gets removed daily. This means all the toxins you pick up when you are out, or your husband brings home from work, or your kids bring home from school, they will be quickly removed from your body.Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third Trimester

Top 5 Most Important Needs of the Third Trimester

There are many other things you will need during the last trimester of your pregnancy, because we didn’t even touch on preparing for baby nor getting our hospital bag ready. I promise I will cover the last one.

In my experience these are the top 5 most important things you need to take care of during the 3rd trimester. I know you are ready to be done and hold your baby. You will feel big, tired, worn, and just ready to be done. Give your baby time. Let them grow. They can grow up to a pound a week during the last month. It is important not just for the weight, but for the development of their organs especially their brain and lungs.

Your baby will know when they are ready to be born. Trust your baby and your body. You were MADE for just this purpose.