Self Care Saturday Challenge Meditation

To say we are always busy, would be an understatement. I’ve been working hard to get up early so I have time for myself, but the past 2 weeks, my youngest 3 seem to think they should get up with me. If they do, there is no peace, there is no quiet. Once the others are up, there is always someone who wants or needs to talk to me. I don’t get a moments peace, not even in the bathroom. This is why I’m doing Self Care Saturday Challenge Meditation!Self Care Saturday Challenge Meditation

Why would you recommend meditation?

If you are constantly surrounded by noise, you can’t think. I can’t even do a brain dump if I’m surrounded by noise. My brain is so busy with processing the things going on around me, that it is stressed out. I am exhausted, worn out, and honestly burned out.

About a year ago, I was a mess. On the verge of loosing it. I had become a screaming mom, my worst nightmare. I hated my life and myself.

This is when I got some help, and the first thing she recommended was to block some quiet time for myself.

At first, it didn’t do anything, but after a week of meditating, I became a new person.

Only hippies meditate.

I promise you, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Have you ever typed Meditation into the search bar of Pinterest? You would be amazed at how Self Care Saturday Challenge Meditationmany people talk about meditation.

Here is a couple list of celebraties that meditate for you to check out:

Mind Body Green


I wouldn’t call these celebraties hippies. In fact, they are quite successful at what they do. They all contribute part of their success to meditation.

How does meditation work?

I can’t give you details about this, but I did some research and here is what I found.

According to Free Meditation “Meditation and any form of rest or relaxation acts to reduce the sympathetic activation by reducing the release of catecholamines and other stress hormones such as cortisol, and promoting increased parasympathetic activity whcich in turns slows the heart rate and improves the flow of blood to the ciscera and away from the periphery.”

What this means is it slows down your heart, gets rid of the bad hormones and gives you extras of the happy hormones.Self Care Saturday Challenge Meditation

Project Meditation states:

“Scientific research has shown that both Mantra meditation and Transcendental meditation have great health benefits.  Some of the benefits you can experience from meditation include –

·           Increased Intelligence
·           Decrease in Insomnia
·           Increased Personal Development
·           Decreased Stress and Anxiety
·           Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Related Deaths
·           Lowered Blood Pressure
·           Easier to Focus and Concentrate
·           Reduced Risk for other Diseases and Illnesses”

If you are wanting to know the brain wave science behind meditation, check out this great article in the Huffington Post.

Ok, so how do I meditate?

I have a youtube video that I listen to by Wayne Dyer. I skip over him talking because I know what he said already, and just hit the music. You can find my music of choice HERE.

My way isn’t the only way. There are a number of ways to meditate. Here are a few blog posts that I found to help you.

Self Care Saturday Challenge MeditationResilient

Develop Good Habits

Practicing Mindfulness

Sivananada Yoga Europe

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This Blogging Business


My friend, Sarah Steckler, has a great article on her blog about Meditating. You can find more wonderful information about taking care of yourself on her blog. Don’t forget to check out the article she wrote for me called The Importence of Self Care When Life gets Busy.

How long and how often should I meditate?Self Care Saturday Challenge Meditation

The video I listen to has 2- 20 minute sessions. I would love to do the whole video twice a day, but that has never happened. When I’m at my best is when I do at least 20 minutes twice a day. Most of the time, I do 20 minutes in the morning, and go to sleep listening to the other 20 minutes.

The music has become my go-to when I have insomnia. Even my husband enjoys the music and says it truly relaxes him.

While this isn’t true meditation, getting sleep is also VITAL to your health, and will set you on the path to the good life.

Self Care Saturday Challenge MeditationSelf Care Saturday Challenge Meditation

This Saturday is Christmas Eve. The next day is going to be even busier and crazier than a normal Sunday for us. Not only will we have church that morning, but presents and a big family lunch.

My plan is to turn off all the lights, except my Christmas tree. I’m going to sit on my couch, and just be. I will probably have some quiet music playing in the background.

This will be a time for gratitude, relextion, and peace. Well, the calm before the storm at least. I’ve already talked to my husband and he is going to join me. Who knows, we may even fall asleep there.

Are you interested in taking the Self Care Saturday Challenge Meditation? Do you already meditate? Tell us what you do and how it works for you. Do you listen to music or is it completely quiet?