Self Care Saturday Challenge Date Your Spouse

This is one of those things that if you don’t plan for, it will never happen. Life is busy as it is, but during the holidays it can be intensely insane. It is starting to get cold, the kids are finishing up school, and everyone has cabin fever. During this time is when you need the connection to your spouse the most. So I’m challenging you with a Self Care Saturday Challenge Date Your Spouse.Self Care Saturday Challenge Date Your Spouse

I don’t have time

When it comes to doing hard things, this is the first thing that women say. No one has time for anything, but the time we make. I make time for chatting with my friends, writing my blog posts, and educating my children. I better make time for the man I promised to love.

This isn’t about giving something up, but investing in what you have. When things are stressful at home, like right now, I find that I want to draw closer to my husband. I want to know that we are on the same page. There is comfort in knowing you are going to tackle whatever it is together.

If you can make time to watch your favorite show, then you can make time to spend with your husband.

I have more important things to doSelf Care Saturday Challenge Date Your Spouse

There is nothing more important than affair proofing your marriage. This is what you will have when your children are gone. Dating your spouse Is like watering your garden during the summer. If you don’t not only will your plants die, but when you want something from it, there will be nothing?

Men have needs like we do. Why do you think they got married in the first place? Men don’t want to be alone. They want companionship. If we spent as little time with our children as we do with our husbands, things would be crazy.

As for cleaning your house, I promise, everything will be there when you get back.

Self Care Saturday Challenge Date Your SpouseI can’t get away from my kids

This is a very valid reason to not go out on a date. We had this problem when we lived in Pennsylvania. We were away from family and a good 30 minutes from anyone from the church. I had very little opportunity to go out on a date.

It is time to get creative. My favorite way to do this is planning a date night at home. I would go to the grocery store, buy something special for just the two of us. We would put the kids to bed early, eat a snack, and watch a movie.

I know it isn’t the same thing as going it, but it was how we made it through that tough time.


What should we do?

This is where things get fun.

Right now it is winter. This means all kinds of fun things.

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Our favorite date nights include:

Binge watching a series on Netflix until one or both of us fall asleep.

Going out for coffee and dessert.

Trying out the new place in town.

Going to the movies to see something we’ve both been waiting for.

Preparing our favorite snack and dessert to eat while we watch something on TV.

Just going grocery shopping together.

This Saturday, we will be spending the entire day together purchasing Christmas presents for our children. It has become a tradition of ours and something we really enjoy. We will leave after breakfast, do some shopping, grab some lunch, do some more shopping before coming home for dinner. It is a busy day, but one we look forward to every year.

Self Care Saturday Challenge Date Your Spouse

Self care Saturday Challenge Date Your SpouseWhen it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to take advantage of the time.

This isn’t a time to talk about problems at work, or with the kids. Take advantage of this time to talk about your dreams. I plan on talking about our goals for next year while we shop on Saturday. There is so much more to the 2 of you than being parents. You were a couple before you were parents and you will still be a couple after your kids have grown up.

I’m not saying you can’t talk about those things, but this is a good time to dream together. A time to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

So sisters, plan a date with your husband. It is something I’ve never regreted and I promise you won’t either.