Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alone

As a mom of 6, going shopping can be crazy. Normally, I take ALL of them with me, but it is a treat to only take a few of them. When my oldest 3 were little, it was a minivacation to go to the grocery store by myself. So my plan is Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alone.Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alone

You are still doing this!

YES! As a Stay At Home Mom, some consider me lazy, thinking I don’t work all day, but I can promise you that I do. I get up everyday giving my children 110% of me. This can be draining, especially if you have a special needs child like I do. If my husband gets 2 days a week away from work, then I deserve a few hours of time to myself.

Aren’t you just wasting good money?

Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping AloneI can see where you are coming from, but I have to grocery shop anyway. When I got my hair cut, it had been a year since it was cut. I spent the time at the coffee shop, working on my blog. These are things I need to do anyway, I’m just doing them alone.

I’m also going to hit a few others places. This will be the perfect time to pick up a few presents.

Yes, I may grab myself some lunch or a coffe, but it is nice to treat yourself every once in a while. This is a meal I don’t have to plan, fix or clean up after.

I feel guilty leaving my kids home.

I used to have Mommy Guilt about leaving my children. I wanted this gig, but Self care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alonehere I am looking for time away. My husband went to college for his gig, and he enjoys his time away.

Our kids want to be with us all the time. If you work outside the home, they will want this even more.

Here is what you have to remember, you can’t give your best to your children if you aren’t at your best.

When I wrote The Path to the Good Life, I was worn out, exhausted and stretched thin. It was my friend Sarah who wrote a post for me that really put this in perspective HERE. And began my path for the Saturday Self Care Challenge.

I stopped for a few weeks because people were sick and the holidays were stressful. I regretted and and wanted to stay in my bed. This is why I’ve planned something for myself for this weekend.

Hey, even Jesus went away to be alone. If God wants time alone, then you better believe this Mama needs it too.

Shopping is a chore and can’t be fun

Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping AloneWhen I go to the store, I normally take all 6 kids with me. While I love my kids and love spending time with them, it is like taking a herd of cats with me into the store.

By the time I am done, all I want to do is go home and sleep. I spend most of my time telling my littles “No, you can’t have that.” Trying to keep my oldest boy from walking away. My middle boys want to help and end up tripping over each other to help. My oldest girl does her best to help, but this even exhausts her.

SO shopping with just a few of my kids or even going alone is almost a vacation for me.

I have no one else to worry about but me. I don’t have to unbuckle anyone. There aren’t a million questions answered.

Also, it can save me a ton of money. There’s nothing worse that pulling your stuff out of the cart only to find 10 things you didn’t intend to buy because the youngest 2 were trying to “help.”

Self Care Saturday Challenge Shopping AloneSelf care Saturday Challenge Shopping Alone

In all of this, don’t forget a little retail therapy. With all the money you save by sticking to your list, and not having helpers fill your cart, you are able to buy something for yourself.

I always find a fun new pair of earrings, a much needed new shirt, a new book, or even beauty product.

Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, it is vital. You know what happens when you don’t get enough sleep?! Well, self care is just like that. You become the run down, worn out, frazzled mom. (Believe me, I know. I’ve seen her in the mirror often enough.)

If you are looking for some cheap ways to take care of yourself, start HERE.

Love your kids and husband enough to love yourself.