How to Have an Excellent Family Photo

We recently had a family photo shoot. I hate having my picture taken, and family pictures are so stressful. Beyond my own expectations, there are expectations of family members that just add to the weight of everything. We haven’t had a photo shoot in a studio in years. Some of my kids can’t deal with the stress, and pressure of the environment, so we have taken to having out door family pictures. While this has helped, it is still not ideal. It makes for a long day, but we have found a few secrets along the way for How to Have an Excellent Family Photo.How to have an excellent family photo

The Photographer

The photographer can make or break your session. I know some people who pay a small fortune to have their pictures taken. That just isn’t in our budget, especially if you need to buy clothes.

I think the biggest thing with the photographer, is that they have to be willing to go with the flow. I have a mix of teens, 1 special needs boy, and littles. If the littles aren’t having a break down, then the special needs boy is lost in the situation and we have to bring him back.

If your photographer isn’t willing to work with this, it doesn’t matter how much we pay, the session will be a mess. This is why the photographer choice plays a major roll in how to have an excellent family photo.

The SettingHow to have an excellent family photo

This is different for each family. Some people still love the studio setting. They do make a very controlled environment, but for our family, it doesn’t work. It has actually leads to meltdowns.

There is a freedom to being outside. We have always used the local forestry. It is truly a beautiful place. We prefer the fall when the leaves are in full color and the weather is cooler.

I’ve seen pictures on a farm, a grove, the beach, and even just at someone’s house. The choices are as vast as the world has to offer. No need to choose between the black, brown or blue background. You have God’s canvas at your disposal.

The Outfits

This used to stress me out, but once again Pinterest to the rescue. All I did was type in “photo shoot color schemes.” As you can see for this year we chose jeans, teal, grey and black. I knew I wanted a teal color but didn’t know what to put with it. This was a life saver.

How to have an excellent family photoI chose jeans this year because I wanted a more casual look. Last year’s pictures were more formal. We also fit in the senior pictures for my oldest, and a few for me for here. Jeans just made everything easier. All we had to do was change our shirts and the outfit changed.

The Arrangements

This depends on your family size. With a family my size, we normally have to squeeze together to get everyone in, if we want a close up of faces as well. It is a compromise but we make it work.

For the individual pictures, we normally let the kids do their own thing and capture who they really are. At first, this was stressful, but it has helped us produce the best possible pictures for each of my children. They are allowed to be who they are without being told who they are supposed to be.


How to have an excellent family photo

This has been one of the hardest parts for me. I want to control everything because I know what is best,How to have an excellent family photo right? I have this idea in my head of what things are supposed to look like. To be honest, when she is taking the individual pictures I just sit and let it happen.

This is the only way I’ve been able to let go. I have to step away and not be involved. You hear nothing from me. In fact, if she wants my opinion she comes and asks it because I don’t say anything.

Now, this may mean that there is a family photo where there is a leaf on the top of one of my boys’ head. In some pictures, not everyone is looking at the camera.

But the pictures are done, and everyone is in them. If they aren’t perfect, well neither are we. You know, you got to do your own thing. This is our how to have an excellent family photo.

Big surprise

Some times you have an extra family member to add. With other photo shoots, when I was pregnant we did a few pregnancy photos. This time we are just adding HIM here. Peanut is due in April. He is healthy and we are very excited to meet him.How to have an excellent family photo

Adding this picture here makes it perfect. We are so blessed.

Final Thought

I hope you found a few ideas on how to How to have an excellent family photohave an excellent family photo of your own. These have been the best things for us. It has been a struggle finding out how to make it work. The biggest was me just letting it happen.

We may not have the PERFECT family photo for anyone else, but they are perfect for us. They are memories that can never be replaced. Moments in time of when my children were little. Something to hang on to when they are grown and gone.