The Importance of Self-Care When Life Gets Busy

The more life piles on our plate, the harder it can be to tackle the day-to-day grind of errands, to-do lists, and quite frankly, our own emotional well-being.

The never ending spin of everything can leave anyone feeling exhausted, mentally drained, and even depressed. Yet it’s easy to feel that if we don’t stay on top of everything and keep the momentum going we’ll get behind, let others down, the house will become a disaster, or we’ll never have the energy to start again.The Importence of Self-care when life gets busy.

What’s often overlooked is what might (and usually will) happen if we don’t make time to pause, breathe, and give ourselves permission to slow down and check in with what we need. When the demands of life pull us in a zillion directions and we don’t make time for self-care some ugly things can start to build like resentment, fatigue, and pure lack of motivation.

There’s beauty in taking the time to pause and self-care doesn’t have to mean extravagant indulgences, expensive shopping trips, or even loads of time.

Here are 4 powerful ways you can practice self-care when you’re busy and how each one will help you re-center and reclaim the day:

The Importence of Self-care When Life Gets Busy1) Set times for daily check ins

Even if your hands are full and there are endless things to tackle before the day is over. You should set a time each day to pause and make note of how you’re feeling. This can be setting a reminder on your phone, writing it down on a calendar, or even having notes around the house. Each day at Noon for example, no matter what else is happening, even if it’s for only 30 seconds. You take a moment to ask yourself how you’re feeling. Take a few deep breaths. Notice what needs of yours need to be met in order to continue the rest of the day.

While simple, this exercise can be extremely powerful. Getting caught up in endless cycles can mean: we forget to eat, have a glass of water, sit down momentarily, or do something (anything) that makes us feel more human.

2) Find an outlet for venting and letting goThe Importence of Self-care When Life Gets Busy.

There can be a lot that builds up within us when life is go-go-go. Taking the time to set it free can be one of the best ways to declutter your mind and regain a sense of control and purpose. Whether it’s sharing your experiences and feelings with close friends or family. You could keep a daily journal to write down thoughts. Just laying in silence before bed to let go of thoughts that don’t serve you. All of these can be a great way to reclaim awareness and what’s most important to you.

The Importence of Self-care When Life Gets Busy.3) Give yourself permission to ask for help

Chances are, you do a lot and even more, than you realize most days. Sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is asking for help or even admitting we need help. Two things happen, however when we reach out to others. First, we give someone else the opportunity to support us. Think about how good it feels when you can authentically help another person, it’s a gift in many ways. Allowing yourself to receive help and support not only helps you regain mental strength, but it also builds your relationship with others. Secondly, asking for help allows you to step back and observe how full your plate is. It gives you time to figure out what could change. What could you do to make things easier? How can you open up a new realm of efficiency or ease?

I challenge you to ask someone for help this week. Whether it’s simply to listen, to support you in a project, to watch the kids. Do something that would allow you to pause, breathe, and center yourself.

4) Acknowledge your accomplishmentsThe Importence of Self-care When Life Gets Busy.

There’re endless praise and reward for doing and creating. It’s rare to give ourselves credit when things are difficult and we handle them well. Think about the challenges that may have come up for you in the past week and take the time to not only acknowledge them. Give yourself some credit when it comes to finding solutions, workarounds, or merely getting through the day without exploding. All of the little things matter and add up to the lives we have in front of us.

Making time for self-care doesn’t have to be difficult. The ways in which we increase our awareness can result in some of the biggest benefits. Make yourself and your wellbeing a priority by checking in each day. Breathe in and let go of pent up emotions. Ask for help when you need it,. Give yourself a pat on the back for everything you do each day. Challenge yourself to practice these for the next week, then notice how you feel and what changes for you — you’re worth it!

Sarah StecklerSarah Steckler is a Creative Self-Love Coach who helps busy women who feel overwhelmed tackle their to-do list and tap into their creative side so they can feel in control of their time management and have more time for self-love and self-care. Sarah believes in the power of owning your true self and making time for passions that light your soul on fire. Download her FREE Self-Care Planner here! (

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