9 Self Care Tips for Busy Moms

It is so much work to take care of everyone and everything else, that it seems like taking care of myself would be just that, more work. By the end of the day I’m so emotionally drained that all I want to do is be alone, in the quiet, where no one knows my name, and sleep.9 self care tips for busy moms

I was challenged recently to find simple, cheap, fast and easy things to do as self-care for a crazy, busy Mama. I did a short poll of my mom friends on Facebook and these are the ideas they helped me come up with to share. Some of these are things I’ve begun to do recently. Some are things I know my Grandma did herself.

Here is my list with some links to help you get started on you path to self-care

Listen to a PodcastListen to a Podcast

There are so many great podcasts out there. I love listening to them when I’m doing a brainless chore like folding laundry or washing the dishes. It all depends on what you want to learn about that day. Ted talks are great, they cover just about any topic you can think of. I love listening to EOFire. They have great interviews of successful business people. The blog is just as great. Michael Hyatt’s podcast This is Your Life is also another podcast I listen to.

Music to Move byMusic Moves You

I love music. It sets the mood. It can either get you moving or help you cry. Why not turn on some of your favorite dancing music and get moving. If you have Amazon Prime, then you have a gold mine of music. If you don’t then turn on Pandora. Pandora will give you more variety in the music you are listening to. There are studies that show how movement can raise your mood, add the right kind of music and it changes everything.

9 self care tips for busy momsDiffuse Essential Oils

If you have an experience with essential oils, you know the power they have to help you. I remember going to a training and they dropped 1 drop of peppermint and wild orange each. We were told to rub our hands together and then sniff. It was amazing. I felt energized, pumped up, and ready to learn. We’ve made it a habit of diffusing essential oils in our home especially while the children are doing their school work. They are more productive and there are fewer complaints. I have some great Pinterest Boards where I’ve pinned oil blends that I love.

Make a brain dump listMake a brain dump list.

A few weeks ago I was stressed and couldn’t sleep. It was insomnia at it’s worst. I had so many things going through my head. I took that time to write out EVERYTHING in my head. The list was almost 10 pages long. It ranged from things to do for my blog, things to do with the kids and around the house. When I was done, my brain was relaxed. I was ready to sleep. Maybe you don’t want to sleep, but if you can do this to give your brain a break, I say go for it.

A good book, a nice drink with some peace and quiet. That's my idea of a vacation.Read a Book

I love to read. My parents had to force me outside as a child, I would grab my book, sit under the big tree in the backyard and read. I spent my entire summer break reading. I devoured books like air. Summer time is a great time to read. You can read while the kids take a bath, while you are sitting in traffic, while you are waiting at the doctor’s office. I do enjoy reading fluff, but some of the best books I’ve ever read have not only built me up, but made me a better person when I was done. Here is where you will find my summer reading list for this year. I’ve also included the books I’m reading to my kids and the books I’m listening to as well.

Watch a VlogWatch a vlog on Youtube

One of the best things I’ve begun doing for myself is watching a Vlog everyday. I watch things about homeschooling, being a moma blogger, essential oils, and about building myself up. One of my favorites is Terri Sevelle Foy. I’ve found her not only encouraging, but informative. Most vlogs are abound 10-15 minutes. The perfect amount of time while my littles are watching Little Einsteins.

9 self care tips for busy momsTake a power nap

Sleep is sometimes what the body requires. You shut down your brain and your body and just rest. Just the closing of your eyes, breathing deeply and resting could change your outlook on yourself and your day. The power nap is less than 20 minutes, that’s less than an episode of any children’s show. I did this a lot when my older two were younger. That 20 minute nap would be what helps me get through to the kids nap time.


9 self care tips for busy momsEat a piece of dark chocolate

While I’m not a big fan of chocolate, many people especially women love it. It isn’t any chocolate that helps, but dark chocolate. Yes, I know it can be a little bitter, but it is the bitterness that helps you. Dark chocolate is also high in antioxidents and vitamins. These are all things you need to keep you going on a long day.

9 self care tips for busy momsDrink a glass of water

My friend Annessa of Annessa RD, recently wrote an article on just this thing. She encourages people to take water to the next step with Wellness Water. She gives 5 reasons to drink wellness water, but my favorite is the instant energy. This is exactly what we Mamas need during a long day. You can check out the rest of her article HERE. Her blog is full of wonderful ideas for health and wellness.

There is also an article by Dr. Josh Axe and the benefits of Lemon Water. He lists 5 benefits of lemon water, but my favorite is the antioxidents. Sick children, the stress of the day, the stress of life, all of these things wear you down and hurt your immune system. If you could drink a glass of lemon water and begin to heal what your body was doing, I say go for it. It is cheap and only takes a few minutes. You can read the rest of his article HERE.

Is there anything I missed? Please add it in the comments below so other busy Moms know what they can do.