Fathers are Vital

Fathers are vital to every child’s existence. I’m not just talking about in the creation of a child but in their well-being. I’ve spoken with many children who have had absentee fathers have struggled with understanding how God can love them if their earthly father doesn’t want them. The father is vital.Fathers are vital to a child's emotional and spiritual growth.

We have established a morning routine where the children and I sing, read scripture, memorize scripture, and pray together before we start our school day. More than once they have mentioned how the songs sound better, fuller, richer, when dad’s voice is singing with us. The children are prouder to quote their scripture, poem, or sing a new song for their father. They crave his approval.

This doesn’t mean I’m not important to them, but to show how important he is to them. He is vital.

But what about those children whose father isn’t in their life? What about the children whose father is physically present but nothing more? How can they cope? How can they make up for the loss in their life?

Finding inspiration to help us make it through the week.

Romans 8:15

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!”



Fathers are a shelter in a time of the storm when we are facing fear.

Just this morning, Lucy woke up afraid. I’m not sure what she was afraid of, but she was scared. I offered to let her cuddle with me, but that only lasted for a little while. She then told me she was tired and wanted to sleep. I told her she could climb into bed with Audrey or her daddy. Her little face lit up and she ran to my room. I gently woke up Stephen telling him that Lucy was scared and wanted to cuddle with him.

Before I left the room, he had pulled her into his arms. Lucy was no longer shivering and they were both falling back to sleep. He had calmed her fears. He had helped her lay them down and to sleep peacefully once again.

Fathers are vital to a child's emotional and spiritual growth, especially our heavenly Father.Application

Lucy is only 3 and doesn’t quite understand how God is also her father, but I do. I remember as a young girl waking up from a nightmare. I would grab my bible hug it tightly to my body, once again feeling safe, I would fall back to sleep. It was like I was grabbing onto God, holding him like a teddy bear, making sure I didn’t get left behind into the dream.

This is exactly what our FATHER does for us. He keeps us safe. He gives us a spirit to overcome the fear because we are HIS. We have been adopted. When we cry out to Him, he hears us. He knows our hearts. He knows our pain and struggle. He is never absent, but always present. He is vital

So to all the children, young and old, whose father is absent, please know you have another Father who is even more vital to your life. He will truly protect you during the storms. He can save you. He will never leave you. He is vital to not only your present life but your heavenly life.

I promise you are not alone, you have a Father!