Great is Thy Faithfulness

Some days are harder than others, and then sometimes turn into weeks. There are days you can’t take a step without falling flat on your face, again. You just want to stay down because the getting up is just as hard as the falling. You just “wanna get while the getting’s good,” as my Grandma Bessie used to say. The only problem is that you can’t. You have a husband, children, a home, ailing parents, you have a life.Finding inspiration to help us make it through the week.

Recently, a sweet friend, confessed to me that she was having a really hard time with one of her boys. He is a teenager to many explains everything. He was struggling at learning to be independent while still being honoring and respectful of his mother. While dad’s at work, he can’t say remind him of who is in charge so the boy is asserting dominance inappropriately, as if he is putting his mom in her place.

This isn’t allowed in her house and it certainly isn’t allowed in mine. My sons learn that women are to be honored and respected for the person God made and called them to be. Boys need to be reminded of it now and then, and this was where she was struggling.

As she tried to keep in the emotions, a song kept playing in my head, “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” As I sat down to write, the song again came to mind. I knew, I needed to go look up the verse.

Lamentations 3:22-23
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

So much is said in these two verses. God’s love NEVER ceases. I tell my children to not use the word NEVER, because no one NEVER does something, but God can make that claim. He loves you in your hot mess as much as when you shine

His mercies NEVER come to an end. This means that no matter how many mistakes you make or how many times you make the same mistake over and over again. I struggle with this. I get tired and fed up after a while.

I love how Anne Shirley would say, “Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it.” Each morning starts anew. Every day you get an another chance to do better, to be more, to be healthier, to love deeper, to give freely, to be whom God called you to be, to think you have all of that and God’s love and mercy…. Just WOW!

My favorite part is the end…. Great is Your Faithfulness! I look at my children, my kitchen overflowing with groceries I just purchased, my ceiling fan that is ticking because it needs to be tighten, my walls covered in crayon and marker… My God has been BEYOND faithful to me, but the point here is that He is faithful concerning his promises, and they are ALL over the bible. From the Old to the New Testament, the Bible is covered in promises that He has and continues to be faithful to you and I about. How awesome is that?!?


There are two very big applications here that we can make.

When we are struggling and down…. God’s love, mercy and faithfulness will cover you, pick you up, and carry you through. You can face ANYTHING with confidence knowing that God is right there with you. You can get up from the mistakes you’ve made, your past, the hurt caused by your choices, the hurt caused by others, and anything else because God’s love, mercy and faithfulness NEVER ENDS!

No one can try our patience like our families. Here is the hard part. Here is what I’m not just asking you to do, but God expects you to do. I’m not saying don’t correct your children because they need it, but do it with love, grace and mercy remembering if you expect God to extend those things to you, then you need to extend those to the ones God entrusted you with the most, your spouse and children.

I’m asking you to step out and be the example. I’m asking you to give where it isn’t deserved. I’m asking you to be more. I’m asking you to love deeply, give freely, forgive completely. I’m asking you to be a Child of the King.

For me this comes when my teens get tired of me “nagging” about the school work. They can say some pretty hurtful things when they are defensive. It is a struggle for me to be more and better. I’ve been praying about it recently and know God will give me wisdom, love, and mercy. He will be faithful to me as I draw closer to Him.

What trial are you facing that needs love, mercy and faithfulness?