Who is Lucile?

Everyone has that one person. This is the person that when you are with them, you are at complete peace. You know when you are with this person you are loved completely and wholly just the way you are.

From the time I was a little girl, my favorite place in the world was with my Grandma. My mom talks about how I never wanted to leave. There are pictures of me screaming when others are holding me, but if Grandma or Grandpa held me I would smile and giggle. I was adored. I was the center of their attention. I was precious to them. I was LOVED!

It doesn’t matter what I did, they LOVED me unconditionally, just as God loves me.Grandpa, Grandma and I

But what exactly made her Lucile?

  • A card saver
  • Bird watcher
  • Candy maker
  • Always cooked for an army
  • Hoarder of bills and receipts because she might need them for tax purposes (40 years later)
  • Candy Apple Red lipstick wearer until she was older and then it was Mary Kay’s Pink Ice
  • Coca Cola drinker
  • Fan of baseball
  • Blue grass listener
  • Cop show watcher
  • Game show watcher
  • The best fried okra and chicken maker ever, or if you preferred fried squash
  • Word search expert
  • Bible class teacher
  • Classroom helper for her grandchildren
  • A gardener
  • An entrepreneur
  • A canner of the fruits of her labor
  • A quilter and crocheter
  • A counter of every penny
  • Never let you leave the house without taking something (usually candy) with you
  • A budgeter
  • Always preferred sweets over savory
  • Always said it was too cold and wearing long sleeved shirts
  • Supported and unconditionally loved her family
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Grandmother
  • Great-grandmother
  • Friend to many
  • Adored by me
  • To her the most important thing a Daughter to the King!

Wanda Lucile was the oldest of 12 children, and given the same middle name as her mother. She helped raise her younger siblings until she married and left home. She didn’t live a perfect life, but found joy in the everyday things. With the loss of her father, siblings, a daughter, a granddaughter and finally her husband, she faced the sorrow knowing that she had a better place waiting for her. Always talking about heaven, she never longed for it as much as the last 2 years of her life when Grandpa’s passed away.

Time with Grandma
Grandma and I

I spent the majority of my growing up years with my Grandparents and the majority of my time with Grandma, as Grandpa worked second shift and always took a nap during the day. During our time together she would keep me busy and quiet. Whether it was playing cards, putting a puzzle together, stuffing pickles into jars to be canned, eating gummy bears (Except the orange ones, I couldn’t have those because they were her favorites.), watching TV (Murder She Wrote and Quincy were her favorites), coloring, or her telling me about Jesus and why he loved me, my hands were busy, my heart was full, and my mind full of beautiful memories.

It was while I was with her that I learned what it meant to be a godly woman. I learned how every penny counts. I learned how to truly love my husband and children. I learned how just because you are frugal doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing life. I learned what it meant to live this life to the fullest because it won’t last forever, BUT that the next was going to be even better. I learned that just because I’d never be perfect, that doesn’t mean I can’t be loved and well-remembered by those who met me. I learned what it meant to have a GREAT LIFE!Grandpa and Grandma

She was the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful woman I’ve ever known whom I was blessed to call Grandma for almost 40 years, and I can’t wait to share her with you She inspired me and now I’m going to take her legacy and share it with the world. Not just hers, but the women who came before here. Friends, we are going in search of the Good Life. We are going to find out how they did, make it modern and make it our own.