How to become a gentle gracious mom when all you do is scream

How to beomce a gentle gracious mom when all you do is scream

I had recently asked on my personal Facebook page, “What do you struggle with as a mom and wish you could do differently?” For many of these moms, the struggle was universal, and this isn’t just for new moms. What this question taught me was not just that ALL moms struggle, but they struggle in similar ways. Satan uses the same technics over and over to destroy us. We need to break down and understand the WHY before we can find solutions to STOP! SO I’m here to tell you How to Become a Gentle Gracious Mom when all…

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How to Prevent Meltdowns During Holiday Visits

How to prevent meltdown during holiday visits.

I must admit, the hardest part about the holidays for me, the part I honestly dread the most is the visit to family. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy family, but it is the inevitable meltdown that comes from a change in routine. There is so much food, fun, and laughter, why should my littles ever have a meltdown? Enevatibally it happens, and the day goes from tense to nightmare. I’m putting a plan in place. Here is my How to Prevent Melt Downs During Holiday Visits.How to Prevent Meltdowns During Holiday Visits

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Do Your Own Thing

Do your own thing

Lately, while on Facebook, I’m seeing a lot of just nastiness. While the majority of it is about politics, since when has nastiness ever changed anyone’s mind? The past few days it has been about Halloween. How old is too old? Scary costume or not? What is modest? Is it too cold? Should I hand out candy or bible tracks? Is Halloween evil or ok? My advice to all of you Mamas out there, Do Your Own Thing!Do your own thing

What we do for Halloween

For the past several years we…

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How Quiet Time Saves Your Sanity

How quiet time saves your sanity

By the time my children are done with lunch, I’m at my whits end. I’m so tired of the constant noise, the constant questions, and the constant chatter. Did I say constant enough? I do have a 3-year-old girl and 21-month-old boy. The noise had reached such a point today that it made it hard for my teens to focus on anything. I knew it was time for Quiet Time. You see in our house How Quiet Time Saves Your Sanity.How quiet time saves your sanity

What is Quiet Time?

For some members of…

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What is God’s Opinion of the Screaming Parent?

What is God's Opinion of the Screaming Parent

God has thoughts and opinions about everything, and honestly they are the only one’s that will matter in the end. What is God’s Opinion of the Screaming Parent? Let’s find out.

As a mother of 6, there are a lot of things I’ve dealt with over time. When I see a parent struggling with a child, like I’ve struggled before, my first is to help especially if it is someone that I have a relationship with already. The sad part is that it doesn’t always work out as I planned. What is God's Opinion of the...
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