How to have a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner with Kids

Valentine’s Day, like so many other couple holidays, is surrounded with gifts, food and love. While I can’t help you with the love, I can certainly help you in the food department. Over the past 22 years, most of which was spent with little children and very little money, I’ve learned how to make Cheap Romantic Dinner. And to be honest, it always comes down to food, well at least for my husband.How to Have a Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner with Kids| Inspired By Lucile #valentinesday #valentinesdaydinner #cheapromanticdinner #romanticdinnerfor2 #cheapromanticdinnerfor2


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4 Ways to Tighten a Food Budget Today

4 Ways to Save on Your Food Budget Today.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say money is tight, I’d be a rich woman. We all know money is tight, and it is that way for different reasons for each family. We all buy groceries and could really tighten our food budget up some. There are 3 big reasons for our family. We are trying to pay off the last of our old debt, saving for a house, and we are planning a trip next fall to Walt Disney World. So here are 4 Ways to Tighten a Food Budget Today.

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