12 Christmas Traditions to Start Today

12 Christmas Traditions to start today

For many families, like ours, it is all about traditions. It is the things you do every year, the silly, the fun, the serious, and the crazy. It is these things that our kids will remember. We have done them so many times, that they are just part of who we are and what we do. They change your Christmas from being all about gifts, to something deeper and much more. Here are 12 Christmas Traditions to Start Today.12 Christmas Traditions to start today

Buying a real tree

I know for some this may…

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How to Have an Excellent Family Photo

How to have an excellent family photo

We recently had a family photo shoot. I hate having my picture taken, and family pictures are so stressful. Beyond my own expectations, there are expectations of family members that just add to the weight of everything. We haven’t had a photo shoot in a studio in years. Some of my kids can’t deal with the stress, and pressure of the environment, so we have taken to having out door family pictures. While this has helped, it is still not ideal. It makes for a long day, but we have found a few secrets along the way for How…

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Self Care Saturday Challenge Family Outing

Self Care Saturday Challenge Family Outing

Fall is going to quickly turn into Winter. It will be a time where all you want to do is stay snuggled in your warm house and rest. This is exactly what we were made to do. And while I enjoy that time of the year, I want to take advantage of the warmer weather before the cold hits. We did our family outing yesterday since my husband had the day off. The goal here is to plan a Self Care Saturday Challenge Family Outing.Self Care Saturday Challenge Family Outing

I thought this…

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How to Prevent Meltdowns During Holiday Visits

How to prevent meltdown during holiday visits.

I must admit, the hardest part about the holidays for me, the part I honestly dread the most is the visit to family. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy family, but it is the inevitable meltdown that comes from a change in routine. There is so much food, fun, and laughter, why should my littles ever have a meltdown? Enevatibally it happens, and the day goes from tense to nightmare. I’m putting a plan in place. Here is my How to Prevent Melt Downs During Holiday Visits.How to Prevent Meltdowns During Holiday Visits

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Do Your Own Thing

Do your own thing

Lately, while on Facebook, I’m seeing a lot of just nastiness. While the majority of it is about politics, since when has nastiness ever changed anyone’s mind? The past few days it has been about Halloween. How old is too old? Scary costume or not? What is modest? Is it too cold? Should I hand out candy or bible tracks? Is Halloween evil or ok? My advice to all of you Mamas out there, Do Your Own Thing!Do your own thing

What we do for Halloween

For the past several years we…

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How Quiet Time Saves Your Sanity

How quiet time saves your sanity

By the time my children are done with lunch, I’m at my whits end. I’m so tired of the constant noise, the constant questions, and the constant chatter. Did I say constant enough? I do have a 3-year-old girl and 21-month-old boy. The noise had reached such a point today that it made it hard for my teens to focus on anything. I knew it was time for Quiet Time. You see in our house How Quiet Time Saves Your Sanity.How quiet time saves your sanity

What is Quiet Time?

For some members of…

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What is God’s Opinion of the Screaming Parent?

What is God's Opinion of the Screaming Parent

God has thoughts and opinions about everything, and honestly they are the only one’s that will matter in the end. What is God’s Opinion of the Screaming Parent? Let’s find out.

As a mother of 6, there are a lot of things I’ve dealt with over time. When I see a parent struggling with a child, like I’ve struggled before, my first is to help especially if it is someone that I have a relationship with already. The sad part is that it doesn’t always work out as I planned. What is God's Opinion of the...
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Why you need a Mother Daughter Journal

Why you need a mother daughter jourmal

My daughter and I don’t always communicate well with each other. We had a great example of it the other day. She wanted to make a cheesecake and I wanted a family game night. I told her she could either make the cheesecake or we could have a family game night. She stormed off, but not before telling me that I had been mean since the moment I woke up.

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in it’s loyalty to each other. -Mario Puzo

I know I shouldn’t take this personally, but it hit hard….

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Do you choose Frustration or Joy?

Which will you choose frustration or joy?

Dear Mama of young children,

You have a hard job in front of you. Each stage of parenting has its own troubles, but it is when your children are little that sleep seems to evade you the most. You are so tired that you wonder if you will ever not feel this way again.

Which will you choose frustration or joy?Your Morning

There is nothing like going to bed and the baby wakes up. He doesn’t know what he needs, but it certainly isn’t to sleep. You are exhausted. You crave sleep more than anything,…

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Fathers are Vital

Fathers are vital to a child's emotional and spiritual growth, especially our heavenly Father.

Fathers are vital to every child’s existence. I’m not just talking about in the creation of a child but in their well-being. I’ve spoken with many children who have had absentee fathers have struggled with understanding how God can love them if their earthly father doesn’t want them. The father is vital.Fathers are vital to a child's emotional and spiritual growth.

We have established a morning routine where the children and I sing, read scripture, memorize scripture, and pray together before we start our school day. More than once they have mentioned…

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