Pride in a Job Well Done

Do you want your kids to know exactly how you want to clean without having to constantly be told?

You have company coming this weekend and even though the house isn’t a complete mess, it still isn’t company ready. You told Child A to go clean the main bathroom and Child B to clean up the living room, while you head to the kitchen. An hour later you walk into the bathroom to check on Child A and find they have accomplished NOTHING, and Child B is sitting on the couch reading a book. This has happened to me more than once, and it drives me insane. My children have been old enough for a long time to…

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The Path to the Good Life

Another day of laundry and dishes has begun. The crying babies and needy toddlers are begging for my attention. My boys seem to think I’m supposed to feed them more than once a day, and believe I don’t know when they are lying to me. There are teenagers who just want school to be over. All this and it is only 8 am, and nap time is a long time away.


I certainly didn’t sign up for this when I said I wanted to be a Mama. I thought my children would…

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