15 Ways to Have a Successful Marriage

15 Ways to have a Successful Marriage

After the success of my post about 4 Ways I Make My Marriage Amazing, I thought it would be a great topic to talk about a little further. Instead of just hearing from me, I thought it would be wonderful to hear from others how they make their marriage great. Today Becky Wolfe from Frame to Freedom is giving us 15 Ways to Have a Successful Marriage.

I’m so excited to share this article with you. Becky like the rest of us has faced trials head on. On her blog she talks about how they have Paid off…

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What is God’s Opinion of the Screaming Parent?

What is God's Opinion of the Screaming Parent

God has thoughts and opinions about everything, and honestly they are the only one’s that will matter in the end. What is God’s Opinion of the Screaming Parent? Let’s find out.

As a mother of 6, there are a lot of things I’ve dealt with over time. When I see a parent struggling with a child, like I’ve struggled before, my first is to help especially if it is someone that I have a relationship with already. The sad part is that it doesn’t always work out as I planned. What is God's Opinion of the...
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Why you need a Mother Daughter Journal

Why you need a mother daughter jourmal

My daughter and I don’t always communicate well with each other. We had a great example of it the other day. She wanted to make a cheesecake and I wanted a family game night. I told her she could either make the cheesecake or we could have a family game night. She stormed off, but not before telling me that I had been mean since the moment I woke up.

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in it’s loyalty to each other. -Mario Puzo

I know I shouldn’t take this personally, but it hit hard….

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Do you choose Frustration or Joy?

Which will you choose frustration or joy?

Dear Mama of young children,

You have a hard job in front of you. Each stage of parenting has its own troubles, but it is when your children are little that sleep seems to evade you the most. You are so tired that you wonder if you will ever not feel this way again.

Which will you choose frustration or joy?Your Morning

There is nothing like going to bed and the baby wakes up. He doesn’t know what he needs, but it certainly isn’t to sleep. You are exhausted. You crave sleep more than anything,…

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Fathers are Vital

Fathers are vital to a child's emotional and spiritual growth, especially our heavenly Father.

Fathers are vital to every child’s existence. I’m not just talking about in the creation of a child but in their well-being. I’ve spoken with many children who have had absentee fathers have struggled with understanding how God can love them if their earthly father doesn’t want them. The father is vital.Fathers are vital to a child's emotional and spiritual growth.

We have established a morning routine where the children and I sing, read scripture, memorize scripture, and pray together before we start our school day. More than once they have mentioned…

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Hope for the Mama of an Autistic Child

Sometimes the only thing a Mama of an autistic child has to cling to is Hope. This is exactly that a light in the darkness

Being a mom on a regular day with a normal child is hard, but when you add a special needs child, things go from hard to heavy, depressing, and desperate.

It makes you not want to get out of bed, because you know it will be another day like the one you just had.  Never knowing when the next melt down is going to happen, you hide at home in fear of judgments of the people around you.

Hope for the Mama of an Autistic Child

Grandma’s Advice

Grandma was always good at comforting me when I…

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5 Lifestyle Bloggers Worth Following

Monthly Top 5

Before I was a blogger I was a blog follower. I was a researcher, a seeker of knowledge, tricks, ideas, inspiration and tips. I knew that the key to making my life easier was in knowledge. I knew that there was no reason for me to reinvent the wheel, but to seek this wisdom from others who were willing to share it. The internet is a great place to find that, so that’s exactly what I did.Top 5 Lifestyle Blogs You Won't Regret Following

Each one of these blogs has in some…

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4 Ways I Make My Marriage Amazing!

4 Ways to Make Your Marriage AMAZING!

There is so much that makes up a day. Children going to school or started on school, laundry, dishes, dusting, (I’m supposed to do that?) helping your husband get to work and even getting to work yourself. This is just the morning! There are meals to plan and eat. Don’t forget the children’s activities! Somewhere in there you are supposed to eat and shower, yes even Mamas need a shower We are so busy doing, that we sometimes forget we need to work on our marriage too. We tend to forget, we are still going to be living with…

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Inspiration Sunday

Finding inspiration to help us make it through the week.

Sundays are busy in our house, but I want to take a moment every Sunday to share from the scriptures, something I read that inspires me. I want this to be something that helps you start your week off right. So here is to more Inspiration Sundays.

Finding inspiration to help us make it through the week.

The Bible is a very important part of our daily life at our home. We take advantage of homeschooling our children by making sure they spend time with God on a daily basis. This is done…

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Pride in a Job Well Done

Do you want your kids to know exactly how you want to clean without having to constantly be told?

You have company coming this weekend and even though the house isn’t a complete mess, it still isn’t company ready. You told Child A to go clean the main bathroom and Child B to clean up the living room, while you head to the kitchen. An hour later you walk into the bathroom to check on Child A and find they have accomplished NOTHING, and Child B is sitting on the couch reading a book. This has happened to me more than once, and it drives me insane. My children have been old enough for a long time to…

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