Finding Blessings in Winter

In the modern world of GO, we forget why the winter was considered such a blessing. We get up early, in the dark, and run! I’m serious, that is all we women do is run until we collapse, in the dark, again. In all of this going, we forget one very important thing, Finding Blessings in Winter. Not only am I’m going to tell you how to find these sacred blessings, but at the end of this post you will find a Giveaway that you will want to get your cold, chapped hands on.Finding Blessings In Winter

The Blessings of Staying Inside

For many, winter will drive them to stay in door, and this has some wonderful benefits if family surrounds you. Every year my kids pray for a heavy snow, for 2 reasons. The first is that they want to go outside and play in it from the oldest to the youngest, snow is still a wonderful thing. The second reason is that they know this means a quick school day and the rest of the day is spent baking and playing games. Maybe we will even start a new book to read as a family.

On cold snowy days, we love to make homemade bread or rolls. Here are some of our favorite recipes.

French Bread- Life in the Lofthouse

One Hour Dinner Rolls- Kleinworth & Co.

Auntie Anne’s Copy Cat Pretzel Recipe- Daily DIY Life

Homemade Sour Dough- Inspired By Lucile

These are our Top 5 card games to play:


Exploding Kittens


Sleeping Queens


As for books here are some of our favorites in Kindle version so you can download them right away:

These are some of the things my family does when Finding Blessings in Winter.

The Blessings of Serving Others

This is very crucial for our family. We are very close with many older people who are stuck at home alone, during these cold wet days. When we know these days are coming, my children and I prepare baskets of goodies for them. While they LOVE the baskets, it isn’t the baskets they love the most, it is the time we spend with them.

You see, many older people go days on end without talking to ANYONE. As a mom of littles, that sounds good for a few days. Can you imagine how much blog work I could get done? I digress.

These people are already isolated, and the cold wet days make that even more pronounced. Even my grandma Lucile, who always had family with her, hated this time of the year because she couldn’t get out.

This will help the elderly in Finding Blessings in WinterFinding Blessings In Winter

The Blessings of Being Still

One of the things that past generations, especially before electricity, understood, was the blessing of being still. You see they, like us, had worked hard all year long. Winter for that generation, especially the farmer was a time to recoup and just be still.

Many times, you would find them by the fire reading a book. The women would do hand crafts, like mending, crochet or knitting. While they weren’t lazy, because there was still work to do, it was a slower time.

Like I said earlier, this is another reason my kids love this time of the year. It means Mama and Daddy slow down and focus more time on them. The bonds of family become tighter than ever during this time because our focus becomes about them.

By being still, you can look around you and soak it all up while you are Finding Blessings in Winter.

The Blessings of Digging Deep

Since you are already home, why not spend some quality time working not only on you and with your family, but with God. This is my favorite time of the year to spend with online bible studies. My favorite is with Good Morning Girls ran by Courtney Joseph of Women Living Well.

We will be starting the book of Romans on Monday and I can’t wait to get started. While it is a blessing to do the study, it is the connection and fellowship that comes from the online group, where I have learned so much.

In December I did the study with Katie Hornor, of Paradise Praises, called In Spite of Myself. I learned so much and her live videos were such a blessing

The Blessing in Learning Something New

I tend to be, what my friends call, a course hoarder. Meaning I sign up for courses and either don’t start or don’t finish them. As part of my goals for the first quarter, I’m going to take one course at a time, until winter is over. I’m also reading a Personal Develop book a month.

I’m starting my new year off with Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom Courses Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings. It has started off with things I already knew, but she is asking me to dig a little deeper and learn something even more about myself.

My first book for the year is The Secret Code of Success by Noah St. John. I’m doing this book with my Plexus team as Personal Development is a BIG thing with my upline and I LOVE IT!

The Blessings of Self Care

If you are spent any time with me, you know I talk a LOT about Self Care. We Mamas are so busy taking care of others, that we forget to take care of ourselves. When I was getting my children dressed for church the other day, and putting on their gloves, I realized that I don’t have any for myself. Everyone in my house had gloves, but ME! Yes, my family was ready for Winter, but I wasn’t.

Sure I have a coat, but it is the little things that make a difference. I love THIS lotion for winter. And my favorite gift to myself this winter was the FABFITFUN box. For me that was one of the best Findings in the Blessings in Winter.

The Blessings in the Giveaway (This Giveaway has finished)

This is why I’m SO excited about this giveaway. Many of the things I’ve talked about are in this one giveaway. It is valued at over $113. AND there are going to be TWO winners. You heard me right TWO WINNERS.

Winter Blessings Giveaway (Jan 11-17)
2 winners will each receive these Prizes: ($113.49 value)
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In Spite of Myself: How Intentional Praise can Transform Your Heart and Home by Katie Hornor (autographed, physical book) $15.49
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