Home School Planning for 16/17 Part 1

For homeschool moms it is that time of the year again. Time to plan the homeschool year. Time to make sure you have all the books and supplies you need for another great year. We homeschool year round, but we still take the months of July and August off. This is time for me to read books, I enjoy, and focus on taking care of myself. It is also when I plan the next school year.Homeschool Living

It doesn’t take much to plan for my teenagers and even my middle boy, but for William it takes to research and planning. I will cover what I’m doing for William and Lucy on a different post. Today I want to talk about what books we are using next year and why we are making those choices. First let me tell you a little about each child.

Jackson, age 18, Senior

Jackson is so ready to be done. It has been a hard journey for him. He has struggled to figure out what God has planned for him and his life, but I think he is starting to nail it down. Jackson has told stories ever since he could talk. He would remake the 3 Little Pigs into the funniest things. His imagination is vast and his creativity is fun. He also has an eye for photography, just like my Grandpa Minton. He is thinking about journalism, either writing or photojournalism. I’m so excited to see where God takes him on his life journey. I’m sure it will be full of fun.

Science: Apologia Chemistry (Full year)Homeschool Planning 16/17 School Year Part 1

History: American History Notgrass (Full year)

US Government: Notgrass (1 semester)

Economics: Notgrass (1 semester)

English: Rod & Staff (Full year)

Creative Writing: One Year Adventure Novel (Full year)

Essay Writing: The Elegant Essay IEW (1Semester)

Health: Alpha & Omega LifePacs (1 Semester)

Spanish 2: Rosetta Stone (Full year)

English: Homeschool College USA (Full year)

I know this seems like a lot of English and writing courses, but remember Jackson wants to be a writer. He had already completed 3 math courses and is done with that. It is going to be a busy and heavy year for him, but it isn’t much different than my senior year, except for the curriculum choices.

Audrey, age 16, Junior

Audrey is just as creative as Jackson, but her talents lie in drawing and making her environment beautiful. She has her father’s ability to see the shapes in things. Her heart’s desire is to be a wife and mother. She also wants to own her own business. She has talked about owning a coffee shop or even starting her own landscaping business. For years Audrey has struggled with reading and spelling. She became self-conscious and refused to do either in public. For a while we took a break from Rod & Staff and spent 5 years going through IEW’s Teaching Writing. We took our time, and it has not only helped her grow in her writing abilities, but also helped with her confidence.

Homes School Planning 16/17 School Year Part 1Math: Saxon Algebra 1 (Full year)

Science: Apologia Chemistry (Full year)

History: American History, Notgrass (Full year)

English: Homeschool College USA (Full year)

English: Rod and Staff (Full year)

Spanish 2: Rosetta Stone (Full Year)

Creative Writing: One Year Adventure Novel (Full Year)

Health: Alpha & Omeag LifePacs (1 Semester)

Audrey also has an online landscaping course she is taking. Once she has completed this, you will have a certificate stating she can work for any landscaper. This will get her started on learning the ropes. We will count this course as a high school Botany Course. She also has a full year like Jackson, but since she has struggled for so long so knows she has a lot of catching up to do. Many of these things she is doing now so she and Jackson can do them together.

Philip, age 11, 6th Grade

Philip is my math and science guy. It doesn’t surprise me that I have at least 1 child this way. Stephen is an engineer and I was studying to be one when I met him. Calculus was a road block I couldn’t overcome, so I decided engineering wasn’t for me. Considering he uses it every day, it was a good thing I walked away from it. Philip pretty much works independently on all of his subjects. He understands that as soon as he finishes his work, that the time is his to do with as he wishes.

Math: Saxon 7/6Homeschool Planning 16/17 School Year Part 1

English: Rod & Staff 6

Science: Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

History: Notgrass America the Beautiful

Creative Writing: IEW Student Writing Intensive B

Spanish 1: Rosetta Stone

Art: Abeka

Philip also will have an extensive reading list. Not only does he take care of his own school work, but he helps William with his and reads to his younger siblings. This helps him work on his out loud reading skills. The books are simple, but he is picking up speed and they are being read to by more than just me. Philip is interested in learning more about robotics and becoming an engineer himself just like his dad, his grandpa and great uncle Mark.

Reasons for Choices

These 3 are my easiest to plan for the school year. I did talk to my teens about what they wanted to cover, but other than that I pretty much knew what was next. Philip and I went to our shelves and he picked the science he wanted to learn. We decided that everyone is doing American History since it is an election year. This will also mean we can all to talk together. It is almost like we are doing the same thing, but allows for each to work at their grade level.

I try to give my children as many choices as possible when it comes to what they want to learn. It is one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling. This allows them to decide their courses based on what they are interested in learning about. Some call this delight-lead learning, I just call it learning.

Homeschool Planning 16/17 School Year Part 1What I need to buy

My expenses are getting smaller and smaller every year. Most of what I need I’ve picked up at used curriculum sales over the years. Some of it will just have to be purchased. For new curriculum I usually by from Christian Book Distributors. They have the best prices and shipping isn’t crazy.

For Jackson and Audrey, I will need to purchase the Chemistry curriculum, the workbooks and experiment supplies, my biggest expense at $154. I will also need to purchase the Government and Economics courses, these will total $116 for both. I also need to purchase the health curriculum; they will cost $45. For Philip, I need the history curriculum, Rod and Staff 6 and the papers for the IEW, these will cost $165. Most of the money is usually spent on the teens. They don’t have anyone to hand their needed curriculum down to them.

Next week I will let you know what I’m planning for Lucy and William.

What are your curriculum recommendations? I’d love to know what you are using. It is from others sharing that I’ve found some of our favorite choices.

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